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Thanks to the generosity of our past volunteer clients, below are some comments about what you might experience when massaged by one of our students at one of our Courses

Enjoyed this treatement very much! So much of cancer treatment involves pain, discomfort, tiredness, nausea, etc...it's great for the body to feel pleasure and relaxation again.
Client, Dove House, Auckland (NZ), Aug/2019

Treatment was very good and relaxing.  Very comfortable.  It felt like butterflies on my skin.  Very calming and soft throughout the treatment. Takes you into another world 
Client, Bell Motel, Preston (VIC), Jul/2019

I found Karen very personable and easy to talk with which made sharing my history with her very easy and ensuring I was able to give her the information she needed to give me a massage suitable for me.  Karen's communications during the massage itself was very clear and I felt very confident with the treatment.  The massage itself was extremely relaxing and Karen's massage technique very soothing.
Client, Marymount Mercy Centre, Castle Hill (NSW), Jun/2019

I thought Maragaret put me at ease as soon as we shook hands - she made eye contact and smiled. She was very thorough going through my medical history and listened well - very attentive and asked me questions. Margaret was very gentle, calming in her voice and massage. She made me feel comfortable and I was at ease during the massage. I felt warm and covered whilst Margaret massaged me. Overall, I was very satisfied with the experience. I felt very relaxed afterwards.
Client, Marymount Mercy Centre, Castle Hill (NSW), Jun/2019

Anna managed to make me feel relaxed even in a room with other people. I felt comfortable and informed throughout. I also really liked Anna’s energy.
Client, Dove House, Auckland (NZ), July 2018

It was very relaxing with smooth and even strokes which was lovely. I think it was good for my oedema.  Suannie was very kind and calm which helped me to relax. Thank you very much.
Client, Dove House, Auckland (NZ), July 2018

Extremely relaxing and comforting. Bernie looked after me very well. I fell asleep which was great because I have been having trouble sleeping. The holds were great.
Client, Dove House, Auckland (NZ), July 2018

This is the most relaxed I've felt since my news that the cancer is back. The massage was amazing. The pressure was consistent and just right. It wasn't so long that it was creepy (I've felt that before). It wasn't too hard that it hurt (I have fibromyalgia). Her hands didn't feel like they left my body. It was rhythmic. It was just so so nice. Only thing was her hands were cold when she started but once warmed up, it generated a nice warmth especially on my feet at the end. Lovely!
Client, Dove House, Auckland (NZ), July 2018

I could feel blood flowing freely - it felt great. I think I was asleep for most of the massage. The whole thing was done professionally and very much to my satisfaction.
Client, Gestalt Centre, Melbourne, December 2017

“It was absolutely wonderful. I felt extremely safe and well cared for. The experience was one to treasure unlike a deep tissue massage. My body felt extremely relaxed and I felt that it was responding and “letting go”. Thank you so much - I feel very lucky to have been involved in this.”
Client, Gestalt Centre, Melbourne December 2017

“Very personal - soft, gentle - good summary of medical history. Consistent pressure and flow of movement and stroke - put me to sleep in prone position. Loved the rolling over holding towel down rather than holding towel up - felt more secure and less exposed. Lovely energy - made me feel comfortable.”
Client, Maroochydore, December 2017

“It was wonderful. My neck and shoulders were very tense and now they feel so relaxed. Julie was very aware of how I was feeling and put an extra blanket on. Her instructions were clear. Absolutely wonderful - thank you!”
Client, Gestalt Centre, Melbourne, July 2017

“...very relaxing but also stimulating at the same time - made me more aware of my body and my sensitivity to touch. Also the importance of touching skin to skin and the subtle stimulation that excites. There was an interesting paradox in that it was a stimulation to relax.”
Client, Gestalt Centre, Melbourne, July 2017

“...relaxing. I actually slept through bits. Time management was excellent covered all parts of my body as she said before starting without hurrying. Afterwards feeling relaxed but energized!”
Client, Gestalt Centre, Melbourne, July 2017

“Naomi has magic hands. The massage was relaxing, thorough (as in all over the body) and therapeutic. I loved it!”
Client, Gestalt Centre, Melbourne, July 2017

“Gentle hands and a gentle touch - a beautiful way to spend a winter's day - thank you Gerard and my very best wishes to you - well done!”
Client, Gestalt Centre, Melbourne, July 2017

“I enjoyed the treatment thoroughly - sensitive and clear - clarity with directions. Felicity is warm and personable. I thoroughly enjoyed the gentle touch and I also enjoyed the firmer touch. Thank you for this opportunity - it was deeply relaxing.”
Client, Gestalt Centre, Melbourne, July 2017

Terrific experience, I had no idea this could be so relaxing. Leanne was very professional and had superb mannerism. Will definitely have more massages.
Anonymous, QLD, November 2014

Elsie is a very lovely therapist and I was very comfortable from the very start. She always asked about my comfort and her hands were very gentle. It was perfect pressure and very soothing and relaxing.
Narella, QLD, November 2014

I enjoyed it very much. It was very relaxing. I fell asleep a few times. I didn't worry about anything, I had no thoughts, it was just relaxing. Really beautiful and I think it was very good for my legs. Afterwards I felt no pressure at the top of my legs. Thank you!
Marina, QLD, November 2014

Very professional, attentive, caring and friendly. Best massage techniques!
Maurice, QLD, November 2014

It was a real comfort on my neck and scars. It felt good to have the gentle touch. I really appreciate being asked to take part, great experience!
Ellen, VIC, November 2014

Wonderful, very realxing. A lot of care was taken with taking my medical history which was appreciated. I have no experience with massage except deep tissue. This was a great experience.
Sandra, ACT, November 2014

I loved it, it was so relaxing. Richard made me feel very comfortable and I can say he was very gentle. I could have one like this every week.
Anonymous, VIC, November 2014

Felt very good and helped relax my leg. Great feeling after having pain. Pressure of hands great, good flow and touch.
Ingrid, QLD, November 2014

Enjoyed the massage immensely. Leanne was confident, thorough, very fluid, great pressure, lovely hands. It felt like she was very experienced.
Karen, QLD, November 2014

Excellent technique and pressure in movements. Thorough linkage of each system and connective tissues.
Priscilla, QLD, November 2014

Massage was extremely helpful in loosening tight tissue. I now acknowledge I need much more work to loosen post surgery adhesions. The whole experience was extremely beneficial physically/mentally. Corrine dad a super job!! Many Thanks.
Anonymous, VIC, August 2014

I found it relaxing and calming. The slow rhythmic movements were very calming and gave a sense of peace. The relaxation I felt was deep and soothing, especially the massage of the area where I had the Surgery. Being in a place that had so much happen to it, it felt very healing and therapeutic and soothing to the soul.
Anonymous, VIC, August 2014

Enjoyed it very much. Liz was skilled and gentle. I felt very safe and well cared for. She explained what she was going to do and it felt great! Thank you for this opportunity.
Anonymous, VIC, August 2014

My treatment was very professional. The history taken was very thorough with solid knowledge of medical processes involved, past and present. Excellent and appropriate pressure throughout as well as attention to comfort level. Well Done!
Priscilla, QLD, June 2014

Treatment was very therapeutic, relaxing and my body seemed to respond to the soothing nature of massage. I felt very comfortable and at ease with the therapist. I even felt in a state of meditation so I must have been relaxed. My left knee responded well to touch. Lovely treatment.
Anonymous, QLD, June 2014

I really enjoyed the treatment, felt relaxed and pressure was fantastic. I would recommend Laine for a massage, great flow!
Anonymous, QLD, June 2014

It was lovely. Very relaxing. The only complaint - it was so nice, I relaxed to the point of falling asleep. It was excellent.
Anonymous, NSW, May 2014

Incredible, relaxing, soothing and thorough - hadn't let anyone touch scar area and this was a very new experience. Working on stomach area was also something I hadn't experienced before - felt so understood.
Claire, NSW, May 2014

Audrey was wonderful. The massage was very free flowing and I felt the releases. My right side feels not as tight as usual. Audrey hit all the right spots. Thank you.
Norelle, QLD, May 2014

Brilliant! The first thing I noticed was how smooth and soft Audreys hands felt. The movements/strokes were seamless and induced a sense of relaxation. Transition to different areas of the body flowed. The pressure was always even. It was a blissful experience.
Jacqui, QLD, May 2014

Warm hands, very soothing. Lyn had consistent pressure through out which was very comfortable and relaxing. I would feel quite confident with Lyn doing my treatment.
Alison, QLD, May 2014

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