Our Facilitation Team

Amy Tyler - Facilitator (NSW)

Phone: 0435 033 777

Certified Oncology Massage Therapist
Diploma of Sports Therapies
Diploma of Lymphatic Drainage
Diploma of Remedial Massage
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 

Member ATMS

Amy has been a massage therapist since 2001 and has run her own business since 2004 in the Hornsby region of Sydney.  She came straight to massage from school having known for some years it was a career she wished to follow.  She started out in remedial and sports massage but found there was a great need for trained therapists in specialised massage, especially for oncology patients. She undertook training in many aspects of massage until she finally found what she was looking for. She attended a presentation by Eleanor Oyston in 2007 at a Sydney conference on “Medical Massage (Cancer)” and eventually completed all four modules of Oncology Massage Training in 2010. In 2014 she began her teacher in training, to become a part of the Oncology Massage Team alongside a group of people who have inspired her to follow her passion and believe that dreams can be reached.

Anne-Marie Halligan - Facilitator (SA/WA)

Phone: 0408 632 862

Registered Nurse (Hospital Training 1985)
BA (Spanish and Linguistics)1993
Diploma of Remedial Massage 2010
Certified Oncology Massage Therapist 2013
Cert 4 in Training and Education 2013

Anne-Marie came to massage after over 30 years as a Registered Nurse working in a variety of settings in Australia and the UK. Her last nursing job saw her working as a Clinical  Research Nurse  in the area of Oncology and her experiences with patients during this time led to an interest in complementary care for patients going through the rigours of cancer treatment. This evolved into training as a Remedial Massage Therapist in 2010 with the goal of making massage available in hospitals. She found Oncology Massage and after completing all four modules and training as a Facilitator, she is now the Coordinator for training in South Australia and Western Australia and the Facilitator in Training Mentor, guiding OM teachers in training through the Oncology Massage Training program.

Anne-Marie currently runs a clinic in Norwood, South Australia , along with teaching commitments in in South Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand. She is also a therapist at the Cancer Care Centre at Unley in South Australia and joined the Board of that organisation in 2016.

She is dedicated to all aspects of her varied work and remains committed to the notion of Oncology Massage being available to anyone with a diagnosis of cancer.

Atholl Reid - Facilitator in Training (Tas)

Phone: 0405 829 953


Diploma of Remedial Massage
Certified Oncology Massage Therapist
Certified Complex Lymphatic Therapist

Member AMT, ALA, NAMMT (UK) and S4OM.

Atholl completed his Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2006, furthering his massage studies in 2009 with Oncology Massage (OM) and Complex Lymphatic Therapy (CLT) (Casley-Smith) followed in 2011 by Fascial Release Technique (FRT). In 2015 Atholl completed a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as part of his work to become an OM facilitator.  Also in 2015, Atholl learned to finger spell and started to learn Auslan so that he can communicate with people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Prior to working as a remedial massage therapist, Atholl worked for over 25 years in the IT industry in a wide variety of positions in business and education settings, from highly technical roles to people and project management.

Outside paid employment, Atholl has been an active volunteer for almost forty years, in organisational and face-to-face settings, including: Scouts; street-based work with disaffected youth; mentoring young men with limited life-skills; Rotary International; human powered vehicles; deaf and hard of hearing; and mental health.

Atholl’s work and outside work experiences have equipped him with the skills necessary to work closely with people from all walks of life.  These skills also assist Atholl to work appropriately with anyone with cancer, or other potentially life-limiting conditions, from diagnosis through to end-of-life, and to also work with their carers and family members.

Something many people do not know about Atholl is that in 1980 he kept adoring fans away from Angus Young during a concert on the Back In Black tour. 

When he grows up, Atholl would like to travel the world and meet interesting people. 

Bronwyn Sutton - Facilitator (NSW)

Phone: 0421 302 656





Elizabeth Milligan - Facilitator (NSW)

Phone: 0407 402 752




Tania Griffin - Facilitator in Training (NSW)

Phone: 0409 221 153


Diploma Holistic Massage 1988
Diploma Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies 1993
Diploma Clinical Massage 2001
Cert IV Reflexology 2003
Oncology Massage Training 1-4 2008
Bowtech Module 1-7 2010
Complex Lymphatic Therapy 2011
Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment

Member ATMS, S4OM, ALA  and BTFA

Tania has been co-facilitating with Lizzie Milligan as part of our NSW training team. She has also spent time at the Austin (Olivia Newton-John Wellness Centre) under the guidance of Gillian Deseraux and Kate Butler training as a substitute teacher for OMT 3-4. Over the last year Tania has been working with Gillian and Kylie (Managing Director) to develop a two day workshop for the Beauty Therapy/Spa Industry, which will be launched in 2015 .

Tania started out doing house calls in Melbourne and doing voluntary work in safe houses for people living with schizophrenia around raising a family. She then moved to Sydney where she opened a successful little practice in Paddington, where she was later joined by Lizzie who took over when daughter No#2 arrived. Over the last 14 years Tania and Lizzie have run a busy massage practice in Clovelly ( Syd ) seeing people from all walks of life from children to the elderly , from triatheletes to the sick and frail. Working with folk facing serious life challenges, be it cancer, chronic pain or depression has always been a passion. So, when the first Cancer Massage and More Course came on her radar her path was set, now ( fulfilling her dream to be part of an integrated medical team) Tania works 1 day a week at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse RPA. She is looking forward to next year when the wards will open and she will be able to bring ease to more patients and bring in students for OMT 3-4 .

Tania continues to study, hoping to complete her Bowen diploma in 2015 and improve her teaching skills .

Tania Shaw - Facilitator (Qld) 

Phone: 0414 697 403


Diploma of Remedial Therapy
Certified Oncology Massage Therapist
Certified Complex Lymphatic Therapist
Certificate in Swedish Therapeutic Massage
Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment

Member ATMS and S4OM

Tania received her Diploma in Remedial Massage in 2003, going on to qualify in Oncology Massage and Complex Lymphatic Therapy with internationally recognised providers of education when she recognised the need for appropriately trained massage therapists on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

In addition to her private practice Tania joined Bloomhill Cancer Help Centre as an Oncology Massage Therapist in 2004; subsequently becoming the Senior Therapist and Complex Lymphatic Therapy Consultant (CLT). It’s now 2015, and Tania is choosing to focus on her busy private practice in Yaroomba and Buderim’s Sunshine Coast Haematology and Oncology Clinic, and her work with Oncology Massage Limited. 

Tania is the QLD Coordinator and Facilitator and facilitates Modules 1 and 2. She created and developed the Advanced Tutorial and Mini Tutorial programs for qualified therapists, and regularly travels to provide these programs in regional areas of Queensland and the Northern Territory. She is also Oncology Massage Limited's Social Media Manager and Course Content Supervisor for Modules 1 and 2, the Advanced Tutorial and Mini-Tutorials.

Working daily with the unique experiences that Oncology Massage brings has brought a high level of awareness to Tania’s work, as well as building a profound knowledge base from which to draw upon. She has developed advanced rehabilitative techniques based on this experience and, working holistically, uses them for scar mobilisation; range of movement difficulties and other issues that may arise from the treatment of cancer.

She has also co-created the LymphDIY resources: self-help Lymphatic Drainage books and DVDs for those who’ve had lymph nodes removed or irradiated.

A great believer in sharing resources and skills, Tania is available for support and guidance for the graduates of the OML training program.

Tubi Oyston - Wellness Consultant (ACT)

Phone: 0450 126 464


Diploma Bowen Therapy
Certified Oncology Massage Therapist
Bachelor of Nursing
Graduate Diploma of Emergency Nursing
Student - Master of Wellness (RMIT)
Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment

Member BTFA

Tubi became interested in complementary therapies during her 15 year career as a registered nurse. Specialising in emergency nursing, Tubi witnessed many occasions where people were suffering the consequences of their poor lifestyle choices and lack of reasonable and holistic health education. Her desire to assist people to enhance their own health combined with her own personal experiences lead her to study Bowen therapy qualifying with a diploma in 2009. In 2010 Tubi began studying oncology massage training. This led her to be awarded the position of South Australian facilitator for OML. While fulfilling this role Tubi managed her own oncology massage and Bowen therapy practice, and gained valuable experience once a fortnight as a massage and Bowen therapist at the Cancer Care Centre in Adelaide. The sum of her experience in both mainstream and complementary medicine provides Tubi with a unique understanding and skill set to work with people who are integrating their medical care and working towards wellness.

Tubi’s passion is to empower people in their journey toward wellness by cooperatively increasing their awareness and knowledge so they can make personalised informed choices to improve their levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. To this end she is an enthusiastic student of the Master of Wellness program created at RMIT in Melbourne. This course of study has consolidated her previously held knowledge and experience, and brought it to a current academic standard in the area of wellness. She is an avid advocate of knowledge sharing and information dissemination, readily combining her previous experience and new knowledge to share with her clients.

Tubi believes in the abundant scientific evidence surrounding the individual, societal and global benefits of positive wellness and lifestyle choices, and in the role of wellness as an integral primary healthcare tool that empowers people to work towards their optimal self.

Last updated 29/Jun/2018

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