Join the National Massage Therapist Listing (NMTL)



  • Successfully complete OML’s Oncology Massage Module 2 (OM2)
  • Have current public liability and professional indemnity insurance
  • Evidence of regular & timely professional development, or recent work with clients with a history or a diagnosis of cancer

Annual Cost

  • Memberships are paid annually - and a registration form must be completed and submitted each year
  • $100 payable before 1/July each year - non-payment by that date will result in deletion from the website
  • Pro rata payments are available, but Program Vouchers will also be pro rata unless you choose to pay the full amount

Marketing Benefits

  • With your annual registration, every graduate on the NMTL will receive a pack of 50 OML brochures
  • OML will maintain your listing on the OML website, including wider visibility through relationships with Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA), Outsmart Cancer, and the various State & Territory Cancer Councils
  • On occasions when potential clients or their representatives contact us for service advice, OML will provide them with your contact details if you are in their area
  • If you choose to do so, OML will help you apply for S4OM membership, as a approved provider of Oncology Massage. Click here for information on becoming a preferred practitioner, or check out our Society for Oncology Massage page for more information.

Program Vouchers

  • With your annual registration, every graduate on the NMTL will receive two $50 Program Vouchers that can be used as part payment for an OML Program or attendance at an OML Conference, but not for payment of the NMTL Registration
  • Only 1 x $50 voucher may be applied to a Mini Tutorial but 2 x $50 vouchers may be applied to any other OML Program, or for attendance at an OML Conference
  • A Voucher may be applied in conjunction with a Program Bursary (see below) and/or an Early Bird Program Payment
  • Vouchers expire at the end of each Financial Year (30/Jun).

Program Bursaries

  • Annually, every graduate on the NMTL will be invited to apply for two $500 Program Bursaries - one for OM4 graduates and one for OM2 graduates
  • For OM4 graduates, the $500 Bursary can be used as part payment for an OML Program (excluding Mini Tutorials), or for attendance at an OML Conference
  • For OM2 graduates, the $500 Bursary can be used as part payment for an OML OM3/4 Program, any other program on offer excluding mini tutorials, or for attendance at an OML Conference
  • If these options are not scheduled in the Bursary year, OML and the graduate will discuss and agree how to apply the Bursary against another OML Program
  • On 31/May each year, OML will call for applications for the Bursaries for the following year with applications to be received by 14/Jun.  Recipients will be announced by 30/Jun.
  • Bursaries will be awarded based on OML’s strategic priorities at the time, as well as answers to a few simple questions and a story for publication of your most inspiring or powerful OML experience (max 1000 words, with pictures if possible)
  • Joint applications by 2 or more graduates will be looked upon favourably, especially if the bursary can be used to make a non-viable course in non-urban Australia financially viable
  • A Bursary may be applied in conjunction with a Program Voucher and/or an Early Bird Program Fee
  • Unless otherwise agreed between OML and the lucky Graduate, Bursaries expire at the end of each Financial Year (30/Jun).

Development Opportunities

  • Invitations to attend, or participate in, special events and professional development opportunities as they arise
  • Access to a private Facebook group for NMTL and NBTL Therapists only for the provision of advice, discussions and networking. This page is loosely supervised by the Facilitation Team
  • Advice and recommendations for Therapists’ self care and professional support
  • Assistance with your S4OM membership application if that is your wish to do so
  • Information about alternative courses to maintain your continuing education requirements with OML
  • Opportunities with suitable partners in the industry, with a view to the employment of NMTL Therapists in a clinical setting.

Join Up Process

  • Read the NMTL/NBTL Terms & Conditions
  • If you agree with them, read the NMTL/NBTL Code of Practice for Therapists
  • If you agree to comply with it, print it out, initial each page, and sign the last page
  • Complete the NMTL/NBTL Registration Form
  • Scan or photocopy the two documents
  • Choose your preferred method of payment from those available, make a payment for $100 using your surname as a payment reference, or a pro rata payment as previously agreed with Kylie Higgins (0416 004 616)
  • Email the 2 scanned documents to OML
    - OR - post photocopies of the 2 documents to OML (PO Box 109, Deakin West ACT 2600)
    - OR - drop off photocopies of the 2 documents at the OML Office (L2, 39 Geils Court, Deakin West ACT)
  • Click here to access all NMTL/NBTL forms and resources.

Updated 9/May/2018

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