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Last Updated: 20/Oct/2020

The Special 2-for-1 Offer

As we work our way out of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have a new and improved offer for the National Online Oncology Massage Therapist Register.

Until 31/Mar/2021, we will be offering every eligible therapist the same benefits for the same price of A$100
but with a TWO-YEAR listing from the date of payment.

This will allow you to remain visible to new clients and eligible for new opportunities during this difficult time, and be prepared to leap back into action once the impacts of the Pandemic have abated.

It will provide people in frail health across Australia & New Zealand - especially those with a diagnosis or history of cancer - with access to a larger number of qualified Oncology Massage Therapists, with a wider skill set, and in a greater number of postcodes.

And it will also provide Oncology Massage Limited with much-needed funds to keep our doors open and maintain our training program development activities during this difficult time.

Eligibility Terms & Conditions

  • You must have passed both of the Oncology Massage Module 2 (OM2) assessments, and received your certificate
  • You must currently be in practice, and preferably accepting new clients and with reasonably short waiting periods
  • You are strongly encouraged to attend at least one relevant continuing education course every 3 years to maintain your listing. The list of appropriate and approved programs can be found in “Staying Current with OML”
  • You must maintain membership of your preferred professional association (s). This association membership should be noted on your Listing.  This ensures that you have current public liability insurance, current professional indemnity insurance, and a current first aid certificate
  • You should keep OML aware of any changes to your professional or contact details
  • If asked, you should be able to provide evidence of regular timely and relevant professional development, or of recent work with clients with a history or a diagnosis of cancer


Eligible therapists who register will accrue the following benefits:

  • A TWO-YEAR listing on our website as well as wider visibility through the Registers of the Breast Cancer Network Australia, Outsmart Cancer, and the various State & Territory Cancer Councils
  • Priority consideration for the increasing numbers of career clinical placement opportunities that regularly come our way
  • Information about alternative courses to maintain your continuing education requirements with OML
  • Opportunities with suitable industry partners with a view to professional and personal development
  • Membership of our Private Facebook page for advice, discussions and networking
  • Advice and recommendations for self care and professional support
  • Invitations to attend, or participate in, special events as they arise
  • 50 free brochures.

Join Up Process

  • Read the Eligibility Terms & Conditions above
  • If you agree with them, read the NMTL/NBTL Code of Practice for Therapists
  • If you agree to comply with it, print it out, initial each page, and sign and date the last page
  • Complete the NMTL/NBTL Registration Form
  • Choose your preferred method of payment from those available, make a payment for $100 using "NMTL -{your surname}" as a payment reference
  • Scan or photocopy the two documents
  • Email the 2 scanned documents to OML - OR - post photocopies of the 2 documents to OML (PO Box 109, Deakin West ACT 2600) - OR - drop off photocopies of the 2 documents at the OML Office (L2, 39 Geils Court, Deakin West ACT)

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