Oncology Massage 2 (OM2)

Pre-requisites: OM2 is open to therapists who:

  • Have successfully completed OM1; and
  • Have successfully completed a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy practice and/or a Diploma in Remedial Massage and/or a Diploma in Bowen Therapy; and
  • Have registered with a professional massage association.

OM2 includes both an online, open book exam and a practical assessment. To be awarded the course certificate, and to register on the OML National Therapist Listing, students must pass both assessments (see more information below). 

Required pre-reading:

  • OM1 notes
  • OM2 FAQs document
  • Medicine Hands by Gayle MacDonald
  • Quest for Life by Petrea King
  • The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

You can find information on where to order these books and download the FAQ document on the Pre-Reading Page

To enrol, please go to the Booking Calendar to see all course dates.

For OM2 Refresher information please scroll to the end of the page.

Course Content

OM2 consists of 3 full days of study - 9am to 5pm for three days.  OM2 has 6 units - a unit is a morning or afternoon session of approximately 4 hours with appropriate breaks:

  • Unit 1 - Introduction; science review and development of leading edge research - psychoneuroimmunology (PNI); mindfulness touch; epigenetics; how the immune system works.
  • Unit 2 - Review Bone Marrow Support Sequence; ‘lymph’ safe stroking; relaxation reflex and bowel blockages; abdominal massage demonstration.
  • Unit 3 - Understanding the 4C’s, how beliefs and attitudes shape our health; managing the mind; Managing the new body image after cancer.
  • Unit 4 - Abdominal practical; draping review; case study assessment. Discussion.
  • Unit 5 - Understanding pain management; nutrition; Alternative verses complementary therapies, supplements and cancer.
  • Unit 6 - Ethics; professional supervision – emotional and practical. Out-patients supervised treatment. Duration 4 hours including debrief and feed back.

Things you should know:

Before enrolling in OM2, please ensure that you have been able to adequately practice the techniques demonstrated in OM1 (we recommend at least 8 weeks). Colleagues, family or friends may act as suitable clients to practice on, so that when you work with folk experiencing cancer you will feel more confident and you will ensure the best outcomes for OM2.

The online, open book exam is not Onology Massage based but has been designed to test your basic understanding of patho-physiology which you would have studied as part of your initial massage training. It is a pre-requisite to the course and it must be completed before the start date.

The exam gives you the opportunity to re-visit topics that you may not have looked at for sometime and, if you are unsure of a correct answer, an opportunity to research unfamiliar topics before you start the course. It is essential that you complete the online, open book exam and bring it with you on the start date of the OM2 course.

If you do not acheive the pass mark, you will have the opportunity to revisit your answers before you attend OM2. Please do not let any fear of exams deter you from undertaking this course of study.

The practical assessment will take place with a volunteer cancer client. If you require a practical re-assessment or further mentoring, you must pay for the facilitator's time directly, at a cost to be agreed between both parties. An example would be to pay the regular massage hourly rate of the facilitator.

A certificate will be awarded to participants that pass the online exam, the open book exam, and the practical assessment. Any participants that require reassessment will be provided with a course transcript, for CPE purposes only.

Interested?  See more information on pricing and payments

Last Updated: 13/Oct/2018

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