Oncology Massage 3

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Required Pre-Reading

  • Review OM1 and OM2 notes
  • Medicine Hands by Gayle MacDonald
  • Massage for the Hospital Patient and the Medically Frail Client by Gayle MacDonald
  • Quest for Life by Petrea King
  • The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton 
  • Massage Therapy for Sympton Control: Outcome Study at a Major Cancer Centre

Course Location

OM3 and OM4 are held at Austin Health in Melbourne, Victoria, at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre. OML is in discussion with other major centres about expanding this program and new locations will be announced as they come to fruition.

Course Content

OM3 consists of 4 full days of study covering the following:

  • Introduction to working in a hospital as part of a medical team; OM2 review; review of 4c’s
  • Ward and day infusion unit visit; communicating with medical staff; how to get information from research papers; the importance of referencing; the vocabulary of Oncology Departments
  • Spiritual Care perspective of Oncology Massage; adapting to hospital culture and when to call for emotional support for the patient and/or for yourself
  • Radiotherapy lecture and visit to radiotherapy department
  • Infection Control; medical devices and procedures; therapeutic touch; OH&S in hospital; nursing perspective of Oncology Massage.
  • Manual handling for clients in a hospital bed; patient management and draping in the wards, out-patient clinic and massage room.
  • Supervised practical of out-patients from cancer support group; intake notes, observation techniques; oral exam and case studies.
  • Continually supervised practical; debrief of practical session; review of self care; information about OM4.

Things you should know:

  • Students wishing to complete OM3 and OM4 must have a Diploma in Remedial Massage or equivalent.
  • OM3 is run in conjunction with OM4, so applicants MUST be able to committ to both programs, which are usually scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.
  • Admission to this course is by selection only and applicants must have completed and passed OM2, AND be working with cancer clients regularly (weekly).
  • Progression to OM4 is not automatic and will be dependent on a therapist's levels of competency, class participation, and standard of written work.
  • For Vaccinations and Immunisations, please refer to the immunisations page
  • Therapists are encouraged to schedule time before and after both courses to allow for the emotional and physical impact of these courses to permeate.
  • A Pre Selection Practical Assessment fee of $150 may be required to finalise your application. The decision to apply this requirement is at OML's discretion, and the final decision regarding acceptance onto this program lies with OML. If the applicant is deemed ‘not yet competent’, a re-assessment may be arranged for an additional fee. ALL re-assessments are filmed and sent to senior staff for assessment.
  • All applicants must pay the $70 accident insurance fee to cover them for any injury that may be sustained whilst on course and providing volunteer massages in the hospital. It is a one-off fee and covers OM4 as well.
  • Once OML receives an application form, a case study will also be required for assessment. This will be emailed out to you on receipt of your application.
  • There is a strict dress code for OM3 and OM4 and you will be required to wear an OML polo shirt at all times. More information will be provided prior to the course commencement.
  • Refunds are NOT available for the OM3 and OM4 program once the course has been confirmed, under any circumstances. Places are limited and cannot be re-filled in the event of a cancellation
  • If a student does not pass OM3 and/or does not pass the reassessment tasks, a refund will not be offered. If a student wants to enrol and attempt the in-hospital program in the future, both OM3 and OM4 will need to be attended and paid for in full.


Module Three

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Last Updated: 17/Jan/2019

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