Oncology Massage 1

Last updated: 25/Jun/2020

Entry Requirements

Anyone is welcome to attend an OM1 Course. This will include:

  • Anyone interested in safe massage for people in frail health, especially those with a history or diagnosis of cancer
  • Anyone wishing to become a qualified Oncology Massage Practitioner
  • Family members, friends, and carers of people in fragile health, especially those with a history or diagnosis of cancer.


Course Length

3 days


Course Numbers

Generally between 6 and 12



These publications are recommended Pre-Reading for OM1:

  • Medicine Hands by Gayle MacDonald
  • Quest for Life by Petrea King
  • The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

These books are required reading for OM2 so, if you are planning to progress to OM2, it is a good idea to get holf of them as soon as possible. You can find information on where to order them from on the Finding Pre-Reading page.


Course Content

OM1 consists of 3 full days of study - 9am to 5pm for three days. It has 6 units - a unit is a morning or afternoon session of approximately 4 hours with appropriate breaks:

  • Unit 1 - Introduction; an overview of cancer; understanding how cancer develops and spreads around the body (science)
  • Unit 2 - Pressure, site, position adjustments for clients undergoing chemotherapy. Pressure adjustment practical – breaking the habits of massage therapy
  • Unit 3 - Understanding fascia; relaxation reflex; pressure, site, position for clients undergoing radiation or surgery
  • Unit 4 - Bone Marrow Support Sequence practical; pressure, site, position for clients with appliances, scar tissue, and/or bone metastases.
  • Unit 5 & 6 - A full day of safe massage for clients with lymph nodes removed, theory and practical. Taking oncology massage into your clinic and your community.


Half-Price OM1 Refresher

OML continues to offer a half-price OM1 Refresher for all OM1 & OM2 Graduates. The normal CPE/CEU point totals apply as you are effectively repeating the OM1 Course, just with a different focus. 

You can attend any scheduled OM1 Course. You will need to attend for three full days, and participate equally alongside the new students. You will also receive a new and updated OM1 Manual. This will give you the opportunity to revisit the techniques.

If it has been 36 months or more since you completed OM1, and you are planning to enrol for an OM2, we strongly recommend that you take up this opportunity. You will need to have successfully completed an OM1 Refresher no more than 18 months prior to your commencement of an OM2.


Pricing & Payments

See more information on pricing and payment methods.


Progression to OM2

While OM1 does not have a formal examination, your suitability for this type of work will be assessed. Please note that:

  • Only qualified tactile therapists can progress to OM2 (Massage Therapists, Bowen Therapists, Myotherapists)
  • Progression to OM2 is NOT automatic.



To register for an OM1 Course, please go to the List of Courses By Region or the Course Booking Calendar, choose your course, and follow the registration process. To register for an OM1 Refresher Course, please follow the above process, and email us to notify us of your registration.



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