Oncology Massage 4

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Required Pre-Reading

  • Review OM3 notes
  • Medicine Hands (make sure you have the 2nd Edition) - Chapters 4-5, 7 , 8-11
  • Massage for the Hospital Patient and Medically Frail Client - Chapters 3-5, 7-8, 10-12, pages 64-66 (cancer), pages 68-69 (ICU family waiting room), pages 178-180 (bone marrow and stem cell transplantation)

Course Location

OM3 and OM4 are now held at Austin Health in Melbourne, Victoria, at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre.

Course Information

  • OM4 is run in conjunction with OM3, so applicants MUST be able to commit to both programs, which are usually scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.
  • All the conditions for OM3 apply to OM4. Acceptance onto this course will depend on performance during OM3. Automatic progression is not guaranteed.
  • Therapists who successfully complete OM4 will become part of an ongoing professional network established to support Oncology Massage Therapists working in hospitals.


Module Four


Course Content

  • 5 days working in an oncology ward under supervision
  • Hours to suit ward staff and includes approx 6 massages per day
  • Practical application of Modules 1,2 & 3 in a hospital environment.
  • Individual instruction prior to massage session focusing on presenting issues of patients.
  • Debriefing for therapist following massage session, or at the end of the day, with the instructor.
  • Recording research information as required and contributing to the research program, as necessary.
  • Attain a position on the roster of massage therapists available to work for a hospital, if all requirements of the Module 4 program are completed.


Module Four

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Last Updated: 13/Oct/2018

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