"Below are links to stories, written by our facilitators who we have asked to share their experiences to assist you with your professional development. If you have any questions about these stories, please feel free to send your query through the contact us page, or email the author directly. Their contact details can be found on the team page.

There have been so many spirited and inspirational people that have come through (our) door; some we’ve “forgotten” only to have them brought back to life with a chance remark, or conversation with their loved one… The lessons (we) have learnt through these people have been gifts to (us) and (we)’d like to pay homage to them with the telling of their stories. It would be impossible to gain permission from all the families so out of respect for their privacy we’ll use pseudonyms."

By Tania Shaw

We have also included articles of interest from publications and websites where we have either contributed to content, or the publication/website is a supporter of cancer research and/or natural therapies.

Snapshots of an OMT - Perfect Honesty
Wed - 14/12/16

Story from an OMT
Tue - 12/04/16

S4OM National Visioning Conference 2014
Tue - 18/11/14

OM3-4 Student Experience September 2014
Fri - 10/10/14

Eleanors Travels July 2014
Thu - 31/07/14

Eleanor & Gillian in Hong Kong
Thu - 24/04/14

Vounteer Feedback
Wed - 2/04/14

Story of Joe
Wed - 2/04/14

Silent Prayer
Wed - 2/04/14

The Story of Jack
Tue - 1/04/14

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