Other Support Options

There are a number of other ways in which you can support OML.  Here are a few:

  • Spread the word about OML and Oncology Massage amongst your friends, family, and contacts
  • Tell us about any grants that may be appropriate for OML
  • Tell us about any research that might benefit OML and our clients
  • Tell us about someone you know who is looking for a great cause to support
  • Consider donating your time and/or skills for a specific purpose
  • Help us organise a fundraising event for OML (pot lucks, quiz nights, movie nights)
  • Organise an Oncology Massage presentation at a community event and we will provide a speaker.

Please contact David Bailey if you would like to help with any of the above, or if you have any other ideas that you would like to suggest or try out.


Updated 14/Dec/2017

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