Oncology Massage 2 Refresher (OM2R)

In response to your feedback, we are now offering an OM2 refresher for all OM2 graduates. The cost is $527, and you can attend any scheduled OM2 course on our calender, where there are already 6 new students enrolled.  The normal CPE/CEU point totals should be available as you are effectively repeating the course, just with a different focus.

You will need to be present for three full days, and participate equally alongside the new students. You will not need to re-sit the exam, but you will be required to present 3 client case studies for discussion and advice. You will also receive a new and updated OM2 manual. This will give you the opportunity to revisit the techniques and ensure that you are still effecting the best possible outcomes for your clients.

To register as an OM2 refresher student, please just fill in a regular application for the OM2 course and then email Kylie Higgins to notify us of your status.
If it has been 36 months or more since you completed OM2, and you haven't completed either a Mini Tutorial or an Advanced Tutorial, we recommend that you take up this opportunity. If you are aiming to enrol for the OM3/OM4 program at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, you will need to have successfully completed OM2R no more than 12 months prior to commencement.

Interested?  See more information on pricing and payments

Last Updated: 17/Jan/2019

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