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  • $22 for 100 (plus $12 postage)
  • $44 for 200 (plus $12 postage)
  • $94 for 500 (plus $20 postage)

This brochure provides vital information for a range of health professionals and anyone living with a history or diagnosis of cancer including:

  • Who is Oncology Massage Limited?
  • What is OML's purpose?
  • What is Oncology Massage?
  • What does the Science tell us?
  • Where do our Graduates work?
  • What do our Massage Clients tell us?
  • What do our Graduates tell us?

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Educational Resources

Understanding Cancer - Dispelling the Myths
DVD Presentation
$25 including postage

This presentation covers the following:

  • A basic understanding of how our cells work
  • How cancer develops and spreads
  • How our cells adapt to ‘change’ in either a positive or not so positive way (epigenetics)
  • How current cancer treatments work on our cells; and
  • Taking care of yourself while working with clients with cancer.

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Touch, Caring & Cancer

Manual & DVD Presentation by William Collinge
OML Office, Deakin, ACT
$60 including postage

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This award-winning resource provides simple instructions for family and friends of people living with cancer.  It features leading experts in cancer support, as well as 11 inspiring caregivers with their loved ones.

Last Updated: 15/Nov/2019

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