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Profits from the sale of these items go towards the cost of running OML and to help keep course fees as low as possible. All prices are GST inclusive. Please click here for payment options.

To order or enquire please click here and fill out the form including:

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NEW! Gift Vouchers


Do you know someone who would love to do our training? Would you like to assist them achieve a long held (or newly realised!) dream of providing gold standard in oncology client care via our highly esteemed program? 

Some things to note:

  • Our Gift Vouchers (GV) are available in any dollar value you care to nominate. No amount is too small or too large!
  • The GV is to be redeemed within a 12mth period and is transferrable to another therapist. Our Office is to be advised of transfer by the purchaser within 14 days.
  • Non-refundable. If this GV has not been redeemed before "Valid to" date, thank you, we are grateful for your donation to OML. Your donation will go towards assisting remote or rural therapists receive training with us. In the event the GV becomes a donation we will email the purchaser a receipt for tax purposes.
  • GV message, including name, is limited to approx. 100 characters (font size 10). The smaller the message, the larger the font size can be.
  • GVs can be themed for Christmas as well as for other occasions (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays etc). You name it, we've got it. We can even personalise it with your own photo!
  • GV size is 6in x 4in (15.24cm x 10.16cm).
  • We recommend printing on a minimum of 200gsm paper.

To personalise your GV we need:

  • Name, or nickname of the receiver. 
  • Your message: including the name, is limited to approx. 100 characters (font size 10). The smaller the message, the larger the font size can be.
  • Name of event e.g. birthday, anniversary etc
  • A photo if applicable. Please ensure it is of good quality. We will do our best to showcase the photo on the GV, and, in the event that we're unable to use it, will offer our generic massage photo instead.  

Please order by contacting Kylie on, and allow five working days for delivery into your inbox.

'What is Oncology Massage?' Brochures

  • $22 for 100 (plus $12 postage)
  • $44 for 200 (plus $12 postage)
  • $94 for 500 (plus $17 postage)

The What is Oncology Massage? brochure provides vital information for a range of health professionals and anyone on a cancer journey. Check out the images below for more information.


You can now download and print the brochure here. Please note: this needs to be printed professionally. Printing the brochure on normal paper will detract from its appearance

Eleanor Oyston DVD: Oncology Massage Training - Understanding Cancer

$25 each (plus $1.20 postage)

This DVD (updated in May 2013) gives you a basic understanding of how our cells work, how cancer develops and spreads, how our cells adapt to ‘change’ in either a positive or not so positive way - ‘epigenetics’; and the new understandings of how current cancer treatments work on our cells. It talks about taking care of yourself while working with clients with cancer.

Module Two Graduate OML Polo Shirt

$45 each (plus $8.50 postage)

Oncology Massage Limited has developed a polo for all Module Two graduates, to help identify them as part of the OML group of therapists. It can be worn as a uniform in your private clinics and/or to industry events. NB. Module Four trained therapists are provided with a different colour shirt that identifies them as hospital trained.

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