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Courses in New Zealand

Based on demand, OML runs courses in New Zealand.  In Jun-Jul/2018, OML ran an OM1 and an OM2 Course at Dove House in Auckland.  Please email Kylie Higgins if you have any questions - and keep an eye on the course schedule.

Gillian Desreaux & Anne-Marie Halligan in Auckland   

Anne-Marie and her charges at Dove House

Which Professional Association should I be in?

OML is an Affiliate Member of Massage NZ until 31/Mar/2020 (see below).  They offer 30 CPE points each for OM1 and OM2.  If you are part of a different massage or complementary therapies' association in New Zealand, please email us so that we can add relevant information to this page.

What Massage Oil can I use?

We know that in New Zealand you are having some difficulties obtaining Melrose Sweet Almond Oil.

If that reamins an issue, OML has had discussions with Tui Balms and we are happy for students to use the Tui Balms "Tui Coconut & Aloe Vera Massage Butter". This is the only Tui Balms product we will accept on OML training courses. There are many more in their product range, however due to potential volunteer sensitivities, only Melrose Sweet Almond Oil and Tui Coconut & Aloe Vera Massage Butter are authorised products on course.

Last Updated: 21/May/2019

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