Oncology Massage for Beauty Therapists (OMBT)


Course Background

This course is aimed at those working in the beauty and spa industry with a Diploma in Beauty Therapy.  Oncology Massage Therapists are also welcome on this course. It's a fantastic way to refresh your OM1 information and learn the new head, neck and shoulder technique.  However, if you are keen to qualify as an Oncology Massage Therapist and join the National Therapist Listing and S4OM, you need to successfully complete OM1 and OM2.

Relationship with endota Wellness College

OML and the endota Wellness College have been steadily developing a partnership over the last few months.  With their establishment of campusses in both Docklands (Melbourne) and Mitchell (Canberra), 2019 sees us delivering OMBT courses at these venues for the first time.

Course Schedule

  • To see where OMBT Courses are being run in the first half of 2019, go to Course by State.
  • To enrol for an OMBT Course, please go to the Booking Calendar.

Recommended Pre-Reading

"Oncology Aesthetics: A Practitioners Guide" by Morag Currin and Brian W Budzynski. This text can be ordered online with Amazon.

Course Content

This course consists of 2 full days of study.  This course is designed to educate beauty therapists to safely provide a service to clients living with or having had cancer.  It offers a basic understanding of cancer, what the cancer journey involves and informed massage techniques as an alternative or adjunct to beauty therapy treatments.  The course content will deliver:

  • an understanding of how cancer forms and spreads
  • the side effects of cancer treatments
  • contra-indications relevant to massage treatments and medical devices
  • how gentle touch works (through the fascia and nervous system)
  • 2 practical massage sequences

This course will provide the knowledge to safely and confidently deliver a massage or beauty treatment to a client on the cancer journey within the beauty therapist setting.

Course Benefits

Salons and Spas investing in this course will be provided with a certificate of recognition for display upon the premises; promoting the business' safe environment for clients with cancer. This certificate may also be used for other advertising such as industry and community magazines, and local newspapers.

OML will also recognise individual Beauty Therapists who have successfully completed this training on the National Therapists Listing. This course does not provide instruction on beauty or spa treatment techniques and the Course Facilitator will not comment on subjects outside of their scope of knowledge.



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Last Updated: 6/Dec/2018

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