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Belinda Hawkins - P.S.H Therapist

BMedSc Member ASTA, AHA & PoCoG, Private Health Fund Provider

About Belinda...

With a background in medical science and post-graduate training as a P.S.H. (subconscious-mind) therapist, Belinda is passionate about helping professionals and those they care for, and understand what we can all do to support our own health and emotional well being by making use of our subconscious resources.

P.S.H. therapy is a gentle process of emotional healing made possible by our natural ability to let go of uncomfortable emotional responses that are no longer appropriate. By working at the subconscious level where our brains process emotions, P.S.H. can help people to resolve feelings, responses or behaviours that may have been unresponsive to other forms of help. Past clients have reported significant positive change in the areas of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, unresolved grief, anger management, insomnia, low self-esteem, migraines and headaches, panic attacks, phobias, relationships, stress and tension, and many others, often in a very short period of time. This approach can be of benefit to both professionals in maintaining their own emotional health as well as the people in their care.

In 2012, Belinda founded the Embracing Chemo programme which is unique in its ability to help people improve their quality of life while reducing the side-effects of chemotherapy. Elements of this programme have now been adapted for oncology staff to provide an opportunity to gain new understandings that will support both themselves and their clients.

Belinda can be contacted on 0409 619 639 or visit

For further information on P.S.H. therapy visit

Anna Schaumkel - Oncology Massage Therapist Support

About Anna...

Anna is known for her warmth, big heart, professionalism and wisdom. Anna's unique ability is mentoring people who have never experienced the fullness of their potential before in career and relationships, how to self-select meaningful values that empower them to create a life they love.

Anna uses four principles of awareness with a systematic process of listening that produce sustainable outcomes for people consistently. Anna believes the simple act of authentic listening has the capacity to greatly enrich the quality of life, and empower choices that reflect the true nature of each person.

Anna is the first accredited eap mentor with the enhances awareness program (EAP) having been personally mentored by the founder Russell Sturgess over eight years. Anna has been involved with the research and development of EAP from the beginning (2006).

Anna works as an accredited eap mentor for individuals with the enhances awareness program. Anna is the only mentor to facilitate the enhances awareness group program. She mentors people in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Anna also offers individual consultations for people wanting immediate tools for "right here, right now issues". Anna is sort out for her down-to-earth presentations on change, values and self-care. She is an entertaining speaker who provides tools to discover balance and values which people can apply immediately.

Anna's key message --- that each of us want to find our way home to our truth, and that when we do, we intimately know ourselves, we are strengthened and we flourish. For this to happen, Anna brings awareness to her clients that any struggle outside is a reflection of the struggle inside. Once people can honesty get this distinction, the internal struggle gives way to priorities and practices that are self-selected and reflect clarity of direction, purpose, self-love and abundance. By sharing our true nature and fullest potential, we break down our walls of resistance that naturally enhances our relationships. We become more engaged in developing conscious communities at work and at home. Ultimately, this creates positive change to our relationship with self, each other and the healing of the planet.

And before this...

Anna worked in the corporate world of media, recruitment and property sales management in New Zealand and Australia for 25 years. There are many stories that acknowledge a rewarding and successful career. Throughout it all, Anna's' success could be attributed to her integrity and ability to comfortably relate to people from all walks of life. Many of Anna's clients and colleagues remain as firm friends.

So what happened...

Over a period of several years, Anna noticed a distancing in her psyche from these high-pressure roles, the joy of achievement was diminishing and it became a challenge to stay aligned with organisational values. Anna became aware that as rewarding and joyful as her career had been, she was compromising her own values and it was affecting her health. Something had to change. This enquiry eventually led to a resignation and sabbatical in Italy 2006 - 2007. Anna calls it her detox from corporate life and her return home to her authentic self. Like any detox, you have to shed the old stuff first before putting anything new in.

Anna brings a depth of understanding into her role as a mentor that derives from a dedicated approach to her own journey to know thyself; and to make choices that reflect true love of self and her work in the world. Their is very little that Anna's clients go through that she has not experienced in someway for herself. Testament to her work are the many life's that have transformed with Anna's conscious guidance and the work of the enhances awareness process.

Please click here to find out about what Anna has to offer.

Lyn Perkin - Oncology Massage Therapist Counsellor

Lyn Perkin - Oncology Massage Therapist Counsellor

Phone: 02 4334 6658 or 0427 622 227 to make an appointment

$50 per hour per session over the phone

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Lyn is offering her services to support oncology massage therapists around Australia.  Lyn began her career as a Physical Education teacher in high schools and in a facility for disadvantaged girls.

This led to Lyn working for the Anglican Counselling Service as a Girls Court Worker where she worked to resolve practical issues as well as counselling girls whom, for various reasons, were incarcerated.

Lyn’s next career phase, which lasted twenty-one years, was with the Department of Community Services as a District Officer and a District Manager.

After training in Gestalt counselling (Sydney Gestalt Centre) conflict resolution (Macquarie University) and communications (Western Sydney University) she commenced her own counselling practice. 15 years ago Lyn was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma of the bone marrow and was given 5 –10 years to live.

Soon after dealing with the challenges of medical treatment and a substantial life style change Lyn joined the Petrea King residential programmes at the Quest for Life Centre (QFL) as a counsellor.

Eleanor, who met Lyn soon after she joined the facilitation team, recognised the impact Lyn’s extensive counselling skills and enthusiasm had on the participants of the QFL programs and members of the team. Lyn remained a valued member of the QFL facilitation team for nine years. 

Lyn’s personal and professional experience enables her to have an understanding of the joys and challenges of working with folk experiencing cancer or cancer treatment.

Linda Conyard - Emotional Support Workshops

Phone: 0402 811 742



“I’m living my life’s purpose when I am helping women create the sustainable changes they are looking for in their lives. Witnessing this transformation makes my heart sing and dance.” – Linda Conyard, Rainbow Atma, Holistic Cancer Care Centre for Change.

Linda is a highly regarded and experienced therapist.  She has a passion for working with women and transforming one diagnosis at a time. She facilitates successful experiential workshops and retreats as well as her one to one sessions. Linda’s heart centred practice supports people to find their own inner wisdom in a safe and nurturing environment. She works mainly with women who have or have had a diagnosis of cancer and specializes in working with trauma. This includes psychological, physical and emotional aspects of any traumatic situation that still has an effect on a person.

Linda is a trained OMT and works in the field. She is aware of the highs and lows of this work. She encourages people to pay attention to their self-care and not wait until they become sick. This quote sums it up well - “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” – John F. Kennedy. Linda skilfully helps you to see what is out of your awareness so you can repair it before it rains. This is where regularly attending the OMT Peer Support Group will be invaluable to your psychological and emotional health. The experiential aspect of Linda’s work makes an enormous impact in highlighting and resolving issues. There is a part of the brain that only learns through experience. Therefore this work creates new information that helps integrate the resolution.

What one client has to say about Linda

“Thank you for an amazing session. How rewarding is that for you to see people finding resolution to issues they are stuck in. I am truly amazed and very, very grateful. You have unlocked yet another door to my subconscious mind. The colours of today are so much more vibrant and clear. There is a lightness in my mind and in my heart. As I walked around my home this morning expressing my gratitude for what I have experienced here, there was a sense of appreciation and acceptance for the outcome, whatever that may be!  We will always be connected in spirit, I felt that the day I met you. Yesterday, sharing with you reaffirmed that soul connection and sisterly bond that I feel with you. I love the way you carefully pull down walls and gently expose the rawness of truth. THANK YOU for shining your light around me and always nurturing me. I feel truly blessed.” – Marina

Education and Accolades

Linda completes her Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy in 2014. Her Ayurvedic studies have helped her clients learn to make their kitchen their pharmacy. She was consulted and acknowledged in an article on Ayurveda which was subsequently published in Marie Claire magazine. She has trained as a Family Support Volunteer with Karuna Hospice and remains an active volunteer with the organization. Additional training in Spiritual Care with the Dying through Karuna Hospice has deepened her knowledge and skill when being with people approaching the end of their life. Her Lifeline Telephone Counselling, ASSIST & Psychological first aid training has given her a strong and stable counselling base. She uses her Family Constellation Facilitation skills in all aspects of her work.

On a Personal Note

My business has developed out of a painful life challenge when my daughter was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 6 months. That was 25 years ago. Having lived this experience of witnessing my daughter’s journey with cancer, I certainly feel it has allowed me to have some understanding of what people face when they receive a diagnosis. Just prior to Christmas 2013, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I found myself on yet another journey with a loved one and cancer. My experience this time was very different and I know it is possible to live with a diagnosis and not have it consume your world. My “From Diagnosis To Peace” program was born from these experiences and my wish is that my knowledge and experience will be of benefit to others who have to live the life challenge of cancer.

Your Invitation

I am offering at a reduced cost for OMT’s the opportunity to attend regular OMT Peer Support groups that will enhance your psychological and emotional self-care. These workshops will also nurture, deepen and build on the connections you have already made with other OMT’s. You are welcome to contact me with any questions you have regarding the program.

Please click here to read about Linda's Workshops, here for the flyer and here to complete a survey so that Linda can develop the workshops further.


Updated 15/Oct/2018

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