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Last Updated: 14/Jan/2021

Before you register...

Due to COVID-19, OML has been forced to revise confirmation arrangements for Courses.  Where OML confirms a Course, it is COVID CONFIRMED subject to any future guidance from the relevant authorities about measures to be implemented to suppress or eliminate the COVID-19 Pandemic.

OML advises all students to leave any non-refundable travel and/or accommodation payments in relation to attending our Courses as late as possible. In these uncertain times, OML will give you as much warning as possible of any confirmations, cancellations, or changes in policy.

All Course Fee payments made to OML will be refundable in full or transferred to another Course, if a COVID CONFIRMED Course has to be cancelled and rescheduled.

New South Wales

New Zealand

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South Australia


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Courses in Planning

There are a number of Courses that we are planning to deliver but have not yet scheduled. They are as follows:

Many of these Courses are dependent upon the generosity of local volunteers who have put up their hands to help. If you are interested in any of these Courses, please contact us and we will include you in our information releases.

Elsewhere in Australasia

For those of you in Western Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory or in regional rural or remote Australia we have reluctantly decided not to schedule any courses in your State/Territory as we inevitably end up running them at a significant loss. You have several options:

Option 1

  • Try to get a course up and running in your local community - for example, in 2019 we successfully ran an OM1 for 12 students in Toowoomba - see here and here 

Option 2

  • COVID-19 willing, travel to any of the cities where we are running courses - we are prepared to negotiate on course fees for people who are genuinely interested. In the meantime, we will keep those of you:
    • From the Australian Capital Territory informed about courses in New South Wales and Victoria
    • From the Northern Territory informed about courses in South Australia and Queensland
    • From Tasmania informed about courses in Victoria
    • From Western Australia informed about courses in South Australia.

In no way does this prevent you from registering for Courses in States not nominated above.

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