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Last Updated: 21/Sep/2021

Before you register...

Due to COVID-19, OML has been forced to revise confirmation arrangements for Courses. Where OML confirms a Course, it is COVID-CONFIRMED subject to any future guidance from the relevant authorities about measures to be implemented to manage the COVID-19 Pandemic.

OML advises all students to leave any non-refundable travel and/or accommodation payments in relation to attending our Courses as late as possible. In these uncertain times, OML will give you as much warning as possible of any confirmations, cancellations, or changes in policy. If a COVID-CONFIRMED Course has to be cancelled and rescheduled, all Course Fees paid will be refundable in full or transferred to another Course.

Traffic Light System

We have used a traffic light system to indicate how likely the Course is to go ahead, and how you should approach your Course planning. The following assessments do not include consideration of those things related to Course viability over which we "normally" have little control or visibility - eg, any changing personal circumstances for the members of the Course Facilitation Team - illness, injury, etc; or any changing business arrangements at the Course venues - ownership, accessibility, etc.​

This Course has been cancelled

Things are on a knife-edge at the moment. This Course may or may not go ahead.

Unless things change considerably in the intervening period, this Course will go ahead.

We will keep this information as up-to-date as we can under these difficult and uncertain circumstances but, as we have seen, COVID-19 is a very sneaky ambush predator and things can change in a very short space of time.

New South Wales


South Australia

  • Course Type = Introduction to Oncology Massage - Practical Workshop (endota Students only)
  • City = Adelaide
  • Start Date = tba
  • End Date = tba
  • Facilitators = Anne-Marie Halligan
  • Venue = endota Clinic
  • Status = Registrations Not Open Yet
  • Comments = OML is awaiting advice from endota.


  • Course Type = Mini Tutorial - All Things Head & Neck
  • City = Melbourne
  • Start Date = Mon, 1/Nov/2021
  • End Date = Mon, 1/Nov/2021
  • Facilitators = Anne-Marie Halligan
  • Venue = Bell Motel Preston
  • Status = Register Here!
  • Comments = This Tutorial is too far out to predict the likelihood of it going ahead. More registrations are required to ensure it goes ahead.

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