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Course Background

  • OML is committed to remaining at the forefront of world’s best practice. To maintain this commitment, we have updated our foundation Oncology Massage courses - OM1 and OM2 - and are very excited to bring you our 2018 Mini Tutorials!
  • Mini Tutorials are designed to bring Oncology Massage Therapists up to date with current Oncology Massage practice, and is being offered nationally with multiple dates to choose from…plenty of opportunities to review our SIX techniques with a focus on Leg Technique Two and Bone Marrow Support Sequence.
  • Consistency in Oncology Massage practice is essential for our clients’ wellbeing.  This is why we consider the Mini Tutorial to be an important date to book in your 2018 calendar.  What an excellent way to maintain your National Therapist Listing!
  • OML is in the process of undertaking Australian-first, ground breaking research, into the efficacy of Oncology Massage during the therapeutic session. Our 2018 Mini Tutorials will be supporting this venture by ensuring all Oncology Massage Therapists are conversant with current practice.

2018 Schedule

The dates, facilitator, and location for the Mini Tutorials are listed below. Please visit the Booking Calendar to register.

Course Date Facilitator Location
20-Oct-2018 Tania Griffin Northcote, VIC

Course Information

  • Mini Tutorials are open to anyone on the OML National Therapist Listing and/or anyone who has successfully completed OM2 after January 2014. If you completed OM2 before January 2014, you need to complete an OM2 Refresher.
  • Each workshop will run from 9am - 5pm.
  • The cost for each tutorial includes Morning and Afternoon Tea.
  • Please bring your own lunch as the lunchbreak is short. 
  • There is a minimum of 6 participants required for each tutorial to go ahead
  • You will receive a full refund if the tutorial that you enrol in does not go ahead.

Couse Content

  • Practical demonstrations on the specific course technique, accompanied by informative handouts. GREAT to take home, add to your resources and refer to later.
  • The opportunity to bring challenging client case studies to the group for discussion and peer support.
  • A full day with like-minded OMTs; a brilliant way to meet new OMTs, renew old friendships and explore ways of supporting each other’s OM business.  
  • Online refresher questionnaire for completion prior to the mini-tutorial (which means more time for pracs and discussion).


NTL Refresher


Interested?  See more information on pricing and payments

Last Updated: 13/Oct/2018

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