Course Precautions

Last Updated: 17/May/2022

This page covers the precautions that Students and Course Facilitation Team Members will be required to take to attend one of our Courses.

Prior to the Course

  • They must be "up-to-date" with published Health COVID-19 vaccination protocols. As of 16/May/2022, this is 2 vaccination injections and 1 booster shot (or equivalent)
  • They must complete the COVID-19 Checklist that is distributed prior to the Course, and follow up any concerns with OML or the Lead Course Facilitator that arise from the questions asked
  • They must have received a negative COVID-19 Test on the day prior to starting the Course. That test could be a PCR or a RAT

During the Course

  • They must be symptom-free
  • They must have their temperatures taken upon arrival and departure on each day of the Course
  • At the very least, they must mask-up during practicals (unless they have a valid medical exemption)
  • When presenting, Course Facilitation Team members may choose not to mask-up. It is surprising how much we all rely on lip-reading to enhance our communications with each other. The same applies to Students.
  • They must exercise hand hygiene protocols, including the use of hand sanitisers
  • They must comply with any further precautions imposed by the venue
  • For OM2 Courses:
    • There are no vaccination exemptions
    • All attendees will need to have a RAT before the volunteer cancer clients arrive on Day 3 
    • There are no mask exemptions while the volunteer cancer clients are in attendance

After the Course

  • They must advise OML if they fall ill and.or return a positive test for COVID-19 within a week of the completion of the Course

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