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Date Updated: 17/Aug/2021

For those of you living where we have decided not to schedule any Courses - because we inevitably end up running them at a significant loss - you have two DIY options that OML will be very happy to help you with:

Plan a Course in your Community

If you have the energy and time to work with us, you can plan a Course in your community.

The benefits for you are that, if the Course goes ahead, you get the training you want at a very discounted rate (often $0) and you develop a network of like-minded individuals in your community who can suppot each other, and with whom you can move forward.

In 2019 we successfully ran an OM1 for 12 students in Toowoomba (QLD). In 2020, we successfully ran an OM1 for 7 students in Tarlo (NSW). In 2021, we successfully ran an OM1 for 10 students in Townsville (QLD) and 8 students in Cairns (QLD). For more information, please see here and here.

Take a Training Holiday

COVID-19 willing, consider taking a holiday and travelling to the cities where we are running courses. For people who are genuinely interested and who must travel long distances and/or stay overnight, we offer a 10% Travel Discount on the Course Fees.

In the meantime, we will keep those of you:

  • From the Australian Capital Territory informed about Courses in New South Wales and Victoria
  • From the Northern Territory informed about Courses in South Australia and Queensland
  • From Tasmania informed about Courses in Victoria
  • From Western Australia informed about Courses in South Australia

Please note that in no way does this prevent you from registering for Courses in States that are not nominated above.

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