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Hands in Health Care
Massage Therapy for the Adult Hospital Patient
Gayle MacDonald and Carolyn Tague (2nd Ed)

This book outlines the information necessary to adapt your massage practices for working in a hospital. It is crucial for a Massage Therapist working in a hospital setting to adapt to the hospital protocols and operate professionally. This book gives a wonderful insight into the key aspects of working in a hospital setting, and is easy to follow and easy to understand.

Chapter 2 on research is wonderfully laid out with the current information exploring many different medical scenarios, for quick overview and reference. There are chapters on adjustments that are vital to making the massage experience the best possible one for the patient - from positioning, draping, pressure and speed of massage, to insight into medical devices and how they affect the patient and the manner in which a massage should proceed.

The book gives an in-depth knowledge of adjustments for medications, procedures and common conditions that are regularly seen in hospital settings. It covers all aspects of patient care - hands-on touch, referrals, the therapeutic relationship and boundaries to self-care, body mechanics, and hygiene.

I highly recommend this book for all Massage Therapists. It touches on many conditions and medications which can be seen outside of the hospital setting as well as in it. It is an essential resource to keep on hand for any Massage Therapist working in a hospital, in palliative care, or in an aged care facility. If you want to further your education and align yourself with what's happening in the medical world, this is a must read!

Amy Tyler (Waitara, NSW, Australia)
Amy Tyler Therapeutic Massage
0435 033 777

Last Updated: 16/Jun/2021


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