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Last Updated: 21/Oct/2020


Lynne Morrison is a Mildura-based OM4 with a creative drive.  This Brochure is designed to answer questions that clients, their families and the community might have in regards to Oncology Massage.  It is also a great business promotional resource that you can give to new and existing Oncology Massage clients and their families.

This FAQ brochure can be customised with your name, business logo, business name, contact details and website. The brochure you can view has Lynne's details – and it is these details that can be customised to you.  Lynne will:

  • Liaise with you to create your customised brochure
  • Provide fast and easy service
  • Arrange delivery of brochures directly to you
  • Use Vistaprint's tri fold 150 g/m2 Glossy brochure (price per batch as per Vistaprint on the day of order)
  • Provide ongoing support for future orders
  • Inform you when Vistaprint have their brochure specials


  • $35 - *initial order fee
  • $30 - re-order with changes
  • $20 - re-order without changes


  • Lynne Morrison
  • P: 0407 329 680
  • E:
  • W:

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