Melrose Sweet Almond Oil

Last Updated: 21/Oct/2020

Why do we use Melrose Sweet Almond Oil?

We have a general rule of thumb with Oncology Massage body work - "if you can’t eat it or drink it then don’t put it on your skin!"

You may remember from your studies that our skin is our largest organ which absorbs as well as excretes, doing a magnificent job of protecting our inner body from the pollutants that circulate freely now on the planet. When we work with clients who have bodies and immune systems already compromised from the treatment of cancer then we like to do our best for them by not exposing them to more biological strain. H2 Superfine oils are keenly promoted in the massage industry and once on the skin are absorbed, processed in the liver, and excreted via the kidneys.

Sweet Almond Oil has the following benefits:

  • It is rapidly absorbed into the skin
  • It is low in odour
  • It is an excellent carrier for essential oil blends
  • It is safe for those with nut allergies as it is a drupe, and not a nut. However, it is recommended that a skin test is undertaken prior to massaging those living with nut allergies
  • It has a pH of between 4 and 5 and is therefore close to the skin's ideal pH of 5 to 5.5 - this aids in protection from skin bacteria and fungus
  • It is ingestible (you can eat/drink it).

Did you know?

The H2 Superfine oil has Laureth-3 (surfactant/emulsifier) in it which is a synthetic compound obtained by extensive chemical modification of lauric acid, a natural fatty acid, and oxirane (ethylene oxide). This compound is also included in Dishwashing Powder, and Fabric Softener.

Where can I buy Melrose Almond Oil?


  • You can purchase this product at most good health-food stores and pharmacies
  • Click here for a list of distributers for each State and Territory
  • You can order this product online at Melrose Health

New Zealand 

  • The New Zealand distributor is Crombie and Price
  • Sweet Almond Oil is available in some health-food stores and pharmacies
  • You can order this product online at Melrose Health

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