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Last Updated: 17/Jun/2020

The COVID-19 situation seems to be improving. For the first time since Mar/2020, there are no course cancellations to report! Check out what's left of the 2020 Syllabus here, and note that new NSW courses are in planning.
Registrations for our online Oncology Massage Theory course for endota Spa/Clinic staff & endota Wellness College students only are now open. We hope to make this Program available more widely later in the year.
OML is now offering the online HELP (Health Education on Lymphoedema) Program developed by the remarkable Andrea Mangion from the Australian Institute of Lymphoedema with input from the indomitable Prof Neil Pillar from Flinders University. You can find out more and register here!
The 2-for-1 National Massage Therapist Listing Offer (2-years registration for $100) remains open. The Listing is our go-to reference when people contact us looking for a qualified Oncology Massage or Beauty Therapist - so, if you have successfully completed OM2 and/or OMBT, do yourself a favour and sign up.

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