International Women's Day


Sunday 8 March 2020 is International Women’s Day and, as I now work in an industry dominated by underpaid and under-recognised women, I cannot let this day pass without comment.  What follows is something I shared internally last year with the Oncology Massage Therapists who have largely volunteered their time over the years to help make OML the best it can be.

We seem to live in a broken world where trust is at an all-time low and we cannot trust what we see, hear or read.  Some powerful men support other powerful men despite their most base crimes against children.  Some angry men kill people because of their race, their colour, their faith, their gender, their politics, or their sexual orientation.  Some privileged sportsmen claim victimhood when they are called out for violently offending against women.  Some powerful men overlook highly-qualified women for important positions and claim "so-called" meritocracy.  And, following the Australian Summer from Hell, some greedy men think their voracious materialist appetites trump the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the flora and fauna with which we share our world.

Now, not all men are demons and not all women are angels but these trust-breaking attitudes and behaviours are not acceptable.  But then there is the occasional ray of light. In the Indigenous and Polynesian communities where I have worked, there is an almost universal rule of thumb - strong women equals strong communities.

In this caring OML community of (mostly) women, your strength, persistence, and commitment give those of us whose trust in humanity is faltering a reason to believe that things can be, and hopefully will be, much much better.  Your impacts on the lives of people in frail health is remarkable and, even though at this moment your work is not as recognised and rewarded as it should be, OML will keep striving to maintain and develop a community in which you can survive, thrive and shine.

Thanks for the being the caring and trustworthy people that you are, and hopefully ever will be.

David Bailey
Managing Director, Oncology Massage Limited
Wed, 4/Mar/2020

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