Marymount Centre (NSW)

Last Updated: 8/Apr/2020

  • The Marymount Mercy Centre (Marymount) is a spirituality centre owned and operated by the Sisters of Mercy of Parramatta.  It is located at 36-56 David Road in Castle Hill, a north-western suburb of Sydney.
  • Marymount provides a beautiful venue for our OM1 and OM2 training courses.  It offers comfortable residential facilities, spacious grounds, and an atmosphere of quiet beauty and peace that lends itself to learning and reflection. A swimming pool is available for exercise and recreation.
  • Here are some travel options assuming you are travelling from:
  • If travelling by car, there is generous free car parking available on site.
  • There is a bus stop approximately 100m down the road that services buses from the city.  There is also a stop just a short walk away at Oakhill Village - but they would be long walks with a massage table.  The buses are infrequent and a faster option is a train to Pennant Hills Station, and then a taxi or uber to Marymount from there.  A metro station has opened at Cherrybrook and then a taxi or uber to Marymount would be required.
  • You can bring your own lunch. Marymount is located in bushland and, weather permitting, it is a beautiful space to rest and recharge at lunchtime.  There are shops and a patisserie a short walk away at Oakhill Village.  There are also shops and a patisserie a short drive away at Dural and Cherrybrook. If you are travelling from further afield, you can buy supplies from the local IGA at Oakhill Village, and there is a microwave and fridge available for use at Marymount.
  • If you require accommodation during the course, please call Sister Margaret at Marymount (02 9651 1340) or email her.

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