2023 Course Fees

Last Updated: 9/Aug/2022

These Course Fees will apply from 1st February 2023 until further notice.

Early Bird
Oncology Massage Module 1 - 
Oncology Massage Module 2 -
Oncology Massage Module 3 -
Oncology Massage Module 4 -
Oncology Massage Advanced Program - OM3 & OM4
5 + 5
Mini Tutorial - Refresher
Mini Tutorial - Specialised
Customised Programs

Notes & Discounts

Although our Course Fees are increasing, for those of you who plan in advance, there are opportunities to minimise Course Fees:

  1. All prices are in Australian dollars (A$).

  2. NZ Students Discount - recognising the A$/NZ$ exchange rate and the cost of making international payments, non-corporate NZ students will receive a 5% discount on the listed price of all Courses.

  3. Refresher Discount - returning or refreshing students will receive 50% off the listed price of an OM1 Course only - no other discounts are available under this offer.

  4. Early Bird Discount - to encourage the timely confirmation of Courses, students who pay in full more than a month in advance of an OM1 or an OM2 Course will receive A$200 off the listed price.

  5. OML is in negotiation with its existing and potential program delivery partners about the Oncology Massage Advanced Program.

  6. The Oncology Massage Advanced Program includes an OM4 Polo Shirt upon successful completion.

  7. One-day Mini Tutorials are for OM2 Graduates and above only.

  8. OML currently offers All Things Head & Neck, Scar Mobilisation, & Refresher Mini Tutorials. There are more under review and development.

  9. OM4 Graduate Discount - in grateful recognition of their past, present and future commitment to OML, OM4 Graduates will receive a 25% discount on the listed price of all Mini Tutorials - no other discounts will be available under this offer.

  10. Student Numbers for OM1s, OM2s and Mini Tutes are minimum 6 students, maximum 12 students.

  11. Student Numbers for OM3s & OM4s are minimum 6 students, maximum 6 students

  12. Price, terms & conditions on application.


Rationale for the Price Rises

You may have noticed that OML has increased its Course Fees.

When COVID-19 took hold in 2020, OML reduced prices and introduced a range of discounts to maintain a steady flow of new recruits to meet the demand for this safe and effective gift of touch. Over this remarkable and challenging 30 months, this has meant that we have still been able to welcome more than 275 students across Australia and New Zealand through our various Courses.

Unfortunately, our decision to reduce Course Fees was not matched by many of the organisations providing us with products and services - and the recent surge in inflation has not been of much help either:

  • Before COVID-19, OML paid up to $150 per day for venue hire - we are now paying $250 to $450 per day - just recently, we were quoted $600 per day for a reasonable venue in Melbourne's West

  • Before COVID-19, OML paid $100 to $125 per person per night for accommodation for our travelling Course Facilitators - now we are regularly paying at least $150 per person per night.

  • Before COVID, airfares were within reasonable costs... however, airfares have greatly increased, and flight terms and conditions have changed  - this has been matched by the increased cost of insurance and compliance.

However, it would be disingenuous to put all of the blame on external changes. COVID has also encouraged OML to corporately and personally embrace change that did not come without financial investment:

  • Our Course Facilitators were generally ineligible for the COVID Assistance Packages available to many in the health care sector - in response, OML introduced some initiatives to help them stay afloat.

  • Some of our Course Facilitators have been occupied elsewhere, and some have chosen to pursue other options. This has meant that our active Course Facilitators have travelled more often and more widely than expected with all of the costs that entails

  • Due in no small part to the above point, OML has inducted 6 new Facilitators-In-Training and Course Tutors to ease the burden on our remaining qualified Course Facilitators - more trainees on Courses means more travel costs; and

  • OML has also started to explore improvement options including the development of online training capability and new programs, and the update of existing programs.

Thanking you in anticipation of your understanding and ongoing support.

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