Lyn Perkin


Lyn Perkin - Oncology Massage Therapist Counsellor

Phone: 02 4334 6658 or 0427 622 227 to make an appointment

$50 per hour per session over the phone

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Lyn is offering her services to support oncology massage therapists around Australia.  Lyn began her career as a Physical Education teacher in high schools and in a facility for disadvantaged girls.

This led to Lyn working for the Anglican Counselling Service as a Girls Court Worker where she worked to resolve practical issues as well as counselling girls whom, for various reasons, were incarcerated.

Lyn’s next career phase, which lasted twenty-one years, was with the Department of Community Services as a District Officer and a District Manager.

After training in Gestalt counselling (Sydney Gestalt Centre) conflict resolution (Macquarie University) and communications (Western Sydney University) she commenced her own counselling practice. 15 years ago Lyn was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma of the bone marrow and was given 5 –10 years to live.

Soon after dealing with the challenges of medical treatment and a substantial life style change Lyn joined the Petrea King residential programmes at the Quest for Life Centre (QFL) as a counsellor.

Eleanor, who met Lyn soon after she joined the facilitation team, recognised the impact Lyn’s extensive counselling skills and enthusiasm had on the participants of the QFL programs and members of the team. Lyn remained a valued member of the QFL facilitation team for nine years. 

Lyn’s personal and professional experience enables her to have an understanding of the joys and challenges of working with folk experiencing cancer or cancer treatment.

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