Anna Schaumkel


About Anna...

Anna is known for her warmth, big heart, professionalism and wisdom. Anna's unique ability is mentoring people who have never experienced the fullness of their potential before in career and relationships, how to self-select meaningful values that empower them to create a life they love.

Anna uses four principles of awareness with a systematic process of listening that produce sustainable outcomes for people consistently. Anna believes the simple act of authentic listening has the capacity to greatly enrich the quality of life, and empower choices that reflect the true nature of each person.

Anna is the first accredited eap mentor with the enhances awareness program (EAP) having been personally mentored by the founder Russell Sturgess over eight years. Anna has been involved with the research and development of EAP from the beginning (2006).

Anna works as an accredited eap mentor for individuals with the enhances awareness program. Anna is the only mentor to facilitate the enhances awareness group program. She mentors people in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Anna also offers individual consultations for people wanting immediate tools for "right here, right now issues". Anna is sort out for her down-to-earth presentations on change, values and self-care. She is an entertaining speaker who provides tools to discover balance and values which people can apply immediately.

Anna's key message --- that each of us want to find our way home to our truth, and that when we do, we intimately know ourselves, we are strengthened and we flourish. For this to happen, Anna brings awareness to her clients that any struggle outside is a reflection of the struggle inside. Once people can honesty get this distinction, the internal struggle gives way to priorities and practices that are self-selected and reflect clarity of direction, purpose, self-love and abundance. By sharing our true nature and fullest potential, we break down our walls of resistance that naturally enhances our relationships. We become more engaged in developing conscious communities at work and at home. Ultimately, this creates positive change to our relationship with self, each other and the healing of the planet.

And before this...

Anna worked in the corporate world of media, recruitment and property sales management in New Zealand and Australia for 25 years. There are many stories that acknowledge a rewarding and successful career. Throughout it all, Anna's' success could be attributed to her integrity and ability to comfortably relate to people from all walks of life. Many of Anna's clients and colleagues remain as firm friends.

So what happened...

Over a period of several years, Anna noticed a distancing in her psyche from these high-pressure roles, the joy of achievement was diminishing and it became a challenge to stay aligned with organisational values. Anna became aware that as rewarding and joyful as her career had been, she was compromising her own values and it was affecting her health. Something had to change. This enquiry eventually led to a resignation and sabbatical in Italy 2006 - 2007. Anna calls it her detox from corporate life and her return home to her authentic self. Like any detox, you have to shed the old stuff first before putting anything new in.

Anna brings a depth of understanding into her role as a mentor that derives from a dedicated approach to her own journey to know thyself; and to make choices that reflect true love of self and her work in the world. Their is very little that Anna's clients go through that she has not experienced in someway for herself. Testament to her work are the many life's that have transformed with Anna's conscious guidance and the work of the enhances awareness process.

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