Belinda Hawkins


BMedSc Member ASTA, AHA & PoCoG, Private Health Fund Provider

About Belinda...

With a background in medical science and post-graduate training as a P.S.H. (subconscious-mind) therapist, Belinda is passionate about helping professionals and those they care for, and understand what we can all do to support our own health and emotional well being by making use of our subconscious resources.

P.S.H. therapy is a gentle process of emotional healing made possible by our natural ability to let go of uncomfortable emotional responses that are no longer appropriate. By working at the subconscious level where our brains process emotions, P.S.H. can help people to resolve feelings, responses or behaviours that may have been unresponsive to other forms of help. Past clients have reported significant positive change in the areas of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, unresolved grief, anger management, insomnia, low self-esteem, migraines and headaches, panic attacks, phobias, relationships, stress and tension, and many others, often in a very short period of time. This approach can be of benefit to both professionals in maintaining their own emotional health as well as the people in their care.

In 2012, Belinda founded the Embracing Chemo programme which is unique in its ability to help people improve their quality of life while reducing the side-effects of chemotherapy. Elements of this programme have now been adapted for oncology staff to provide an opportunity to gain new understandings that will support both themselves and their clients.

Belinda can be contacted on 0409 619 639 or visit here.

For further information on P.S.H. therapy visit here.

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