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The practical assessment will take place with a volunteer client living with cancer on Day Three of OM2. This assessment requires you to take a full medical history, create a treatment plan and then demonstrate the relevant OM techniques.  Any participants that require reassessment will be provide with a course transcript, for CPE purposes only, and the certificate will be sent out once a participant has passed the required reassessment/s.

Practical reassessments need to be arranged and completed within 6 weeks of the course completion. These already attract a fee, which is the re-assessing facilitator's practice hourly rate. If the reassessment is not completed within this time frame, the student may be requested to repeat OM2 as a refresher student.  Practical reassessments are NOT a teaching environment. If you require further tuition after OM2 has finished, this can be arranged with your nearest Facilitator at a rate to be agreed between you and the Facilitator.

Last Updated: 4/Dec/2018


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