...know about the OM2 theory assessments


Prior to OM2, there will be an online open-book exam. It is based on the final pathophysiology exam you did in OM1. It is a prerequisite of the course and, if you do not achieve the pass mark on your first attempt, you will have the opportunity to revisit your incorrect answers before you bring your exam results to OM2.

These must be presented to the facilitator by COB on Day Two of the OM2 course. If exam resubmission are not able to be marked before the end of the program, then a deadline of no more than 4 weeks from the end of the program is set. Each resubmission after the 4-week deadline will attract a $20 fee, which is payable to the marking facilitator.

Please do not let any fear of exams deter you from undertaking this course of study. Trust me, it is worthwhile!

Last Updated: 8/Jun/2019


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