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OML has been widely recognised for our ground-breaking hospital-based OM3/4 Program.  There are more than 60 OML students who have completed the challenging 9-day program at various locations, most recently the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne.

Unfortunately, several events beyond our control have forced us to temporarily suspend this Program - including the turnover of staff at the ONJ Centre and the departure of some of our most experienced OM3/4 Program Facilitators - and we have not delivered Program there since Mar/2017.  We understand that this is very frustrating for the more than 30 people who have expressed interest in undertaking the Program, but now there is light at the end of the tunnel.

In early 2019, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre asked for a  business proposal drawing on our experience delivering the OM3/4 Program at the ONJ Centre so far. It was submitted today and we are confident of a resumption in the near future.  Chris O'Brien Lifehouse in Sydney is also keen to run the Program. In the meantime, our Course Facilitators are familiarising themselves with the OM3/4 Program Manual and, in so doing, are updating the content.

We will periodically update this page to keep you informed

How much practical experience do I need before I can be considered for OM3 & OM4?

OML would generally like to see a minimum 6-12 months of hands-on full-time experience with at least 30 cancer clients before we would consider OM3 & OM4 applications. Acceptance onto the in-hospital program is also dependent on the practitioner's performance in the OM2 assessments and their course participation. OM3 & OM4 is rigorous and can be confronting, pushing therapists out of their comfort zone in an environment with which they are often not familiar.  Experience and confidence in your oncology massage skills is essential before undertaking this training.

Last Updated: 21/Jun/2019



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