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What are the OM2 assessments?

Before enrolling in OM2, please ensure that you have been able to adequately practice the techniques demonstrated in OM1.  We recommend at least 8 weeks. Colleagues, family or friends may act as suitable clients to practice on, so that when you work with folk experiencing cancer you will feel more confident and you will ensure the best outcomes for OM2.

The online open book exam is based on the final patho-physiology exam you did in your massage training. It is a pre-requisite of the course and if you do not achieve the pass mark on your first attempt, you will then have the opportunity to rewrite your incorrect answers before you bringing your exam results to OM2. Please do not let any fear of exams deter you from undertaking this course of study!

The practical assessment will take place with a volunteer cancer client on Day Three of OM2. This assessment requires you to take a full medical history, create a treatment plan and then demonstrate the relevant OM techniques.  Any participants that require reassessment will be provide with a course transcript, for CPE purposes only, and the certificate will be sent out once a participant has passed the required reassessment/s.

How much time do I have to finalise my OM2 assessments AFTER the course is completed?

Online Exam Resubmissions – These must be presented to the facilitator by COB on Day Two of the course. If exam resubmission are not able to be marked before the end of the program, then a deadline of no more than 4 weeks from the end of the program is set. Each resubmission after the 4-week deadline will attract a $20 fee, which is payable to the marking facilitator.

Hands-on Practical Reassessments – Practical reassessments need to be arranged and completed within 6 weeks of the course completion. These already attract a fee, which is the re-assessing facilitator's practice hourly rate. If the reassessment is not completed within this time frame, the student may be requested to repeat OM2 as a refresher student.  Practical reassessments are NOT a teaching environment. If you require further tuition after OM2 has finished, this can be arranged with your nearest facilitator at their practice hourly rate.

Last Updated: 4/Dec/2018

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