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When can I advertise as an Oncology Massage Therapist?

You may advertise as an Oncology Massage Therapist after you graduate from OM2.  You may advertise as an Oncology Beauty Therapist after you graduate from OMBT.

Is Oncology Massage a voluntary service or can I charge?

Qualified Oncology Massage therapists are highly specialised massage therapists. At OML, we believe that qualified Oncology Massage Therapists should be remunerated for providing this specialised therapy, in the same way as they are for any other massage services.  Some therapists offer volunteer hours to cancer support groups to improve and broaden their experience with cancer clients, and some are lucky enough to be able to finance volunteer hours on a more regular basis. We support volunteering, but believe that everyone has a right to earn a living.  For further information, please read this.

Can I write "Remedial Massage" on the invoice/receipt when I am performing an Oncology Massage?

Yes.  Any therapist who has remedial massage qualifications and oncology massage qualifications can write Remedial Massage on the invoice/receipt thus allowing their clients to claim a deduction from most private health funds.

As an Oncology Massage Therapist, you are performing a Remedial Massage adapted to the needs of the client.  There are at least 3 core units of competency in the current Diploma of Remedial Massage Qualification Release 2 (HLT52015) listed below that develop your ability to adapt your massage techniques so that they are suitable to the clients’ needs:

The needs of a client with a diagnosis or history of cancer falls into this category.  With thanks to Amy Tyler, Christine Lambrechts, Atholl Reid, and the Medibank website.

Can OML help me work with medical professionals & cancer support groups?

Yes.  OML has two PowerPoint presentations that have been created to assist Oncology Massage Therapists speak with confidence to two different audiences. One is for the professional medical community, and the other for cancer support groups. Once you’ve completed this application for access to OML Powerpoint Presentations and sent it to Tania Shaw for approval, she will then email you the PowerPoints and their accompanying notes.

There is also a useful pamphlet that has been developed by our Mildura OM4 Lynne Morrison and endorsed by OML. You can also view and download the corporate OML brochure.  We recommend that you have it professionally printed to retain the quality of the presentation, or that you order professionally printed brochures from us.

There have been several conversations on the private Facebook page with advice on contacting medical professionals. It's worth taking the time to scroll through to find them as there's some great information there.  We hope this helps, and we wish you all the best in your efforts.  If you wish to talkk further, please email us.

Do organisations ask OML for information about OML-trained Therapists in their area?

Yes.  Hospices, hospitals, and clinics regularly approach OML about sourcing Oncology Massage Therapists - as well as families and friends of people in frail health, especially those living with cancer.

In 2012, OML set up a National Therapist Listing. This listing is regularly accessed by the Cancer Council, the Breast Cancer Network Australia, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, PeterMac, the Gawler Foundation, Quest For Life and Chris O'Brien's Lifehouse to name a few.

In 2017, COSA (Clinical Oncology Society of Australia) added OML to their practitioner referral list.

How do I apply for registration on the National Massage Therapist or Beauty Therapist Listing?

Once you become a student of Oncology Massage Limited, you are automatically placed on our communications database, unless you request otherwise.

Last Updated: 11/Dec/2018

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