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Can I start my training at OM2 if I am a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist or Bowen Therapist?


Everyone begins their Oncology Massage Training in the first of our Foundation Modules (OM1) regardless of existing qualifications. This is due to the specialised nature of Oncology Massage.  We give you seven new techniques over the course of our Foundation Training (OM1 and OM2) and five of those are taught in OM1. OM1 also includes course material that is required for OM2. Finally, you will enjoy the start of a supportive and collegial relationship that moves forward into OM2 and beyond.  Oncology Massage Therapy is like none other, and relationships built over the time of the courses are invaluable. If you would like to have a Facilitator contact you to discuss our training, please email us.

Can massage therapists do the "Oncology Massage for Beauty Therapists" course?

Yes, absolutely!

Although this course is aimed at those working in the beauty and spa industry, we welcome massage therapists on this course as well. It's a fantastic way to refresh your Module One information and learn the new head, neck and shoulder technique. However, if you are keen to qualify as an Oncology Massage Therapist and join the National Therapist Listing and S4OM, you need to successfully complete OM2.  Click here to learn more about Oncology Massage for Beauty Therapists.

Can I get an OML course in my town?

Yes, you can bring an OML Course to you.

OML’s goal is to train as many therapists as possible, so that people living with cancer in Australia and world wide can get access this fantastic therapy, no matter where they live.

Bronwyn Sutton and her Alice Springs crew

We have a team of facilitators who are willing to travel to you and run a course in your area if you can fulfill the following requirements

  • Participants - a minimum of 8 paying students
  • Venue - at no cost or low cost - must have access to a kitchenette and toilets - room for up to 12 massage tables
  • Audiovisual requirements - must have a whiteboard - most audiovisuals can be presented on a laptop - a DVD player and/or a digital projector would be ideal
  • Refreshments - morning and afternoon teas must be provided for all three days
  • Accommodation - we would ask you to assist us in locating appropriate accommodation (OML pays for this)
  • Travel - OML pays for the facilitator travel but we would ask that you assist with pick-ups or drop-offs if required.

If you would like to bring a course in your area and you think you may be able to meet the requirements, please contact us to get started.

Last Updated: 21/Jan/2019

I'm from New Zealand.  What's the story?

Based on demand, OML runs courses in New Zealand.  In Jun-Jul/2018, OML ran an OM1 and an OM2 Course at Dove House in Auckland.  Please email Kylie Higgins if you have any questions - and keep an eye on the course schedule.

Gillian Desreaux & Anne-Marie Halligan in Auckland   

Anne-Marie and her charges at Dove House

OML is an Affiliate Member of Massage NZ (see below).  They offer 30 CPE points each for OM1 and OM2.  If you are part of a different massage or complementary therapies' association in New Zealand, please email us so that we can add relevant information to this page.

How many CPE points can I earn if I successfully complete an OML program?

Points are awarded by the following organisations on presentation of your Certificate of Attendance:

Last Updated: 10/Dec/2018

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