Testimonials from Graduates

Thanks to the generosity of our past graduates, below are some comments on
what you might expect to experience on our Courses.

(Amy is) very passionate about her work.  Very caring and very approachable.  An excellent facilitator.  The communities and hospitals need fully trained Oncology Massage Therapists.  I revised my belief that deep tissue massage was a more effective way of massaging.  Even on a healthy person, a deep meditative state given by light pressure is wonderful.

Marilyn (OM1 Graduate), Marymount Mercy Centre (NSW), Jul/2019

The information is set out easily to read & straight to the point.  Amy was very understanding and was a big help with pressure, positioning, techniques.  I got to understand cancer & how massage can be a big impact on cancer sufferer & that I can use these techniques on everyone.

Jessica (OM1 Graduate), Marymount Mercy Centre (NSW), Jul/2019

(Amy is) very knowledgeable, know her industry.  Excellent facilitator, respectful, very thorough with hands on.  Was clear with the course expectation and group expectations which helped more listen than chatting from the group.  We are here to learn not to comment our own previous experiences!  I'll see you soon.  Keen to practice, read and prepare to Module 2.

Ana (OM1 Graduate), Marymount Mercy Centre (NSW), Jul/2019

Amy is simply the best! Patient, knowledgeable, and all round fabulous...(this course) is an essential component to a massage therapist's knowledge and toolkit.  Gives the therapist so much knowledge and confidence in working with, and helping, clients with cancer. The techniques are wonderful but the knowledge about the treatments are such an important addition.  As a lymphoedema therapist, knowing about the client's journey before they come to me has been invaluable.

Gwenlli (OM2 Graduate), Marymount Mercy Centre (NSW), Jun/2019

This has been the most in-depth course since completing my Diploma in Remedial Massage.
Rebecca (OM2 Graduate), Marymount Mercy Centre (NSW), Jun/2019

Great pace...the concepts were structured so well it was able to be absorbed without feeling pressured...both Tania and Tess were awesome to have as our tutors...feeling blessed.
Charmaine (OM1 Graduate), Dove House (NZ), May/2019

Excellent background information for every massage therapist...I feel strongly that most massage therapists lack vital information to massage cancer survivors in the community...the wider this can be shared, the better and safer things will be.
Debra (OM1 Graduate), Dove House (NZ), May/2019

I found Tania to be very professional and her experience was apparent...I would attend any workshop presented by her...there is a lot of vital information in OM1 that even the family of cancer patients could benefit from...I am looking forward to OM2.
Anonymous (OM1 Graduate), Yaroomba (QLD), Apr-May/2019

Taught by a lovely caring attentive facilitator in a calming beautiful environment by the beach...met all my expectations of what I wanted from the course.
Pam (OM1 Graduate), Yaroomba (QLD), Apr-May/2019

From a carer daughter of a cancer patient point of view, it made me realise what they would be going through and how something as simple as this touch is beneficial...it is a great tool for therapists who want to work in a hospital and know anyone with cancer or a similar condition.
Anonymous (OM1 Graduate), Yaroomba (QLD), Apr-May/2019

Most massage therapists are going to come across clients who have had cancer or who are going through it. This course gives you many tools. I think it was really well thought out and practical.  I'm working with several clients with cancer and now I have much more knowledge on how to keep them safe and work out what is best for them. I think it is awesome! That people with cancer can be nurtured and find an escape from the rigorous demands of cancer surgery and treatments.
Anonymous (OM1 Graduate), Heidelberg (VIC), Apr/2019

Thorough, well explained, evidence-based scientific background, great recommended reading - excellent course, great facilitators.
Moira (OM1 Graduate), Heidelberg (VIC), Apr/2019

A great weekend where you will gain a wealth of knowledge and skills to feel more confident with clients. Both trainers have so much knowledge and life experience.
Anonymous (OM1 Graduate), Heidelberg (VIC), Apr/2019

Thank you so much for this fantastic collection [of research papers]. I am so fortunate to have the collective support of OM behind me.
Kathleen (OM4 Graduate), Bendigo (VIC), Mar/2019

Amy's speaking was slow and clear (just like oncology massage). All knowledge I learned here is helpful to understand clients at aged care facility.
Akemi (OM1 Graduate), Marymount Mercy Centre (NSW), Mar/2019

I would recommend this program to others because it it was so informative and the sequences are soft, long movements...can be applied to more than just oncology clients...the touch can be very gentle and still achieve results. Rebecca (OM1 Graduate), Marymount Mercy Centre (NSW), Mar/2019

Amy, Tania & Diane were amazing...made sure all questions were answered...knowledgeable and thorough...very lucky to have so many amazing teachers in one class. This should be covered in every Diploma! Anonymous (OM1 Graduate), Marymount Mercy Centre (NSW), Mar/2019

Fantastic presentation...thorough, understandable...teachers gave enough attention to all students. Anonymous (OM1 Graduate), Marymount Mercy Centre (NSW), Mar/2019

The techniques can be applied in numerous instances - not just oncology. Support for oncology patients is greatly needed in rural and remote Australia. Annie, VIC, Sep/2016

I would recommend this program because there is too much fear and stigma surrounding "cancer" and yet we have all been touched or know someone who has.  Linda, VIC, Sep/2016

Very informative. The more people out there who know/understand caring for someone with cancer/illness, the better! Kerri, ACT, Jul/2016

I would definitely recommend this course to any RM, as it reinforces all previous learning, plus gives you a whole new perspective of what can be done. Alison, NSW, Jul/2016

The program was comprehensive and the facilitator was wonderful; understanding, compassionate, a wealth of knowledge and extremely passionate. Helen, QLD, Jul/2016

If you are interested in connecting with others in a meaningful, rewarding way, OM is the way. It has made me aware of how much more there is to learn, and I have learnt valuable tools and information relating to cancer patients. Maryanne, QLD, Apr/2016

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I’m less scared of facing the end of life and helping people at the end of life. Takako, NSW, Apr/2016

[I would recommend the program] for anyone interested in this field of healing and massage. Very profound and meaningful work. Ruth, NSW, Apr/2016

Facilitators worked together so well; encouraged and supported the participants tremendously; content was extensive and well presented, good science of theory and practice. Loved and appreciated all of the tips given, appreciated the emphasis on looking after ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually. Really appreciated your honesty, humour and how much you shared of each other. Julia, NSW, Apr/2016

Gives a nurturing insight into the world of oncology massage. A very thorough program. Confirmed for me that I wish to go on and do OM2 and start to work in the field of oncology massage. Natalie, SA, Mar/2016

This is information not given at massage school. We need this to be able to work effectively with those with cancer. I’m SO pleased I undertook this program. Roz, ACT, Mar/2016

I would recommend this program to all massage therapists. With such a high prevalence of cancer in Australia we are all as therapists likely to have cancer patients come through our door. Sarah, ACT, Mar/2016

Well presented, informative course, great teachers, great balance of theory and practical. I loved the course. I never felt bored or let it dragged on at any point. It was great learning atmosphere with laughs, support, professional at all times and plenty of information to further our knowledge. Narelle, NZ, Feb/2016

As massage therapists we generally think pressure is what is needed, but [it was] so good to learn the opposite. More awareness needs to be created, this was never offered to me when I went through Remedial. Carla, QLD, Jan/2016

This program exceeded my expectations and gave me value beyond Oncology Massage. The combination of science and heart drew everything together well. This was enhanced by having three amazing facilitators/presenters. I feel so proud and happy to know there are amazing people in the industry making such a profound difference in healthcare. Nicole, VIC, Apr/2014

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