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Our new massage training program - Massage Training for People Working in Care - will be offered in 2020.  For those of you interested in enrolling, you can get a headstart by enrolling for the University of Tasmania's Wicking Dementia Centre's Understanding Dementia MOOC.  Enrollments are open now and the next course starts on 9/Jul/2019.  Having recently completed the course, I can honestly say that it has helped me to understand what my Mum, my family and her carers went through before she passed away - I wish I could have finished it before she was diagnosed.

FYI, a MOOC is not a furry marsupial - it's a Massive Open Online Course - it's free, it's open to anybody, and it's online - but it's no pushover.

Posted: 21/Jun/2019

OML will periodically update this page to keep you informed of progress.


In early 2018, OML started to consider the development of a new Training Program to meet the needs of people in Residential Aged Care with comorbidities such as cancer, dementia, chronic pain, etc.  OML has subsequently demonstrated that our Oncology Massage modality can be a powerfully effective intervention for people in Residential Aged Care, including those in frail health.

Subsequently, OML has consulted with a number of peak organisations - Dementia Australia (ACT), Pain Australia, and Palliative Care Australia (ACT) - as well as a prominent Residential Aged Care provider.  We have been encouraged by their support and have been provided with much valuable information.


In Sep/2018, OML brought together a number of our most qualified and experienced Oncology Massage Therapists to discuss and design the Massage Therapy for People in Care Program.

In Oct/2018, OML kicked off a Crowdfunding Campaign and raised over $4,000 for the development of this Program.

In Nov/2018, OML commissioned a Project to develop the Program material and we aim to be running pilot courses in the second half of 2019.  One of our most senior Facilitators was engaged to lead the project to develop the Course Material and pilto the Program.

In Jan/2019, OML was invited to present and exhibit at the first Oceanic Palliative Care Conference to be held in Perth from 10-13/Sep/2019.  The invitation has been gratefully accepted and several staff will be attending.

In Feb/2019, a draft of the Course Material was submitted for comment to our internal Project Sounding Board.  Feedback is currently being incorporated into the Course Material.

Next Steps

  • Circulating the draft course material to our external stakeholders for feedback
  • Establishing more regular contact with Palliative Care Australia and
  • Once the Federal Election is done and dusted, establishing contact with the relevant Parliamentary Friendship Groups
  • Piloting the Program in the second half of 2019. 

More Information?

You will be learning more about Dementia from industry experts during this Program. Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia and, with an estimated 250 people joining the population with it each day, our graduates may already be working with those exhibiting signs and symptoms of Dementia without realising it.

If you are interested in getting a headstart, the University of Tasmania is currently accepting expressions of interest for its "Understanding Dementia" Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)This MOOC is recognised worldwide. and has made our "Highly Recommended Further Learning" list.  The MOOC is FREE, and is open to anyone regardless of training or experience.  The next scheduled MOOC starts on Tuesday 9/Jul/2019 and finish on Friday 20/Sep/2019.

More infomation on the topics you will be discussing on this Program can be found on the following websites:


If you are actively interested in this Program, please email us and we will add your name to the Program Contact List.  If you would like to financially contribute to the development of this worthwhile Program, please do so here.

Last Updated: 21/Jun/2019

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