New - Massage Therapy for People in Care

In early 2018, OML started to consider the development of a new Training Program to meet the needs of people in Residential Aged Care with comorbidities such as cancer, dementia, chronic pain, etc.  OML has subsequently demonstrated that our Oncology Massage modality can be a powerfully effective intervention for people in frail health.

Subsequently, OML has consulted with a number of peak organisations - Dementia Australia, Pain Australia, and Palliative Care Australia - as well as a prominent Residential Aged Care provider.  We have been encouraged by their overwhelming level of support and have been provided with much valuable information.

In Sep/2018, OML brought together a number of our most qualified and experienced Oncology Massage Therapists to discuss and design the Massage Therapy for People in Care Program.  In Oct-Nov/2018, OML kicked off a Crowdfunding Campaign and raised over $4000 for the development of this Program.

In Nov/2018, OML commissioned a Project to develop the Program material and we aim to be running pilot courses in the second half of 2019.  OML will periodically update this page to keep you informed of progress.

If you would like to contribute to this worthwhile cause, please do so.

Last Updated: 29/Nov/2018

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