Tubi Oyston

Wellness Consultant - Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Phone: 0450 126 464


Diploma Bowen Therapy
Certified Oncology Massage Therapist
Bachelor of Nursing
Graduate Diploma of Emergency Nursing
Student - Master of Wellness (RMIT)
Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
Member - Bowen Therapy Federation of Australia

Tubi became interested in complementary therapies during her 15 year career as a registered nurse. Specialising in emergency nursing, Tubi witnessed many occasions where people were suffering the consequences of their poor lifestyle choices and lack of reasonable and holistic health education. Her desire to assist people to enhance their own health combined with her own personal experiences lead her to study Bowen therapy qualifying with a diploma in 2009. In 2010 Tubi began studying oncology massage training. This led her to be awarded the position of South Australian facilitator for OML. While fulfilling this role Tubi managed her own oncology massage and Bowen therapy practice, and gained valuable experience once a fortnight as a massage and Bowen therapist at the Cancer Care Centre in Adelaide. The sum of her experience in both mainstream and complementary medicine provides Tubi with a unique understanding and skill set to work with people who are integrating their medical care and working towards wellness.

Tubi’s passion is to empower people in their journey toward wellness by cooperatively increasing their awareness and knowledge so they can make personalised informed choices to improve their levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. To this end she is an enthusiastic student of the Master of Wellness program created at RMIT in Melbourne. This course of study has consolidated her previously held knowledge and experience, and brought it to a current academic standard in the area of wellness. She is an avid advocate of knowledge sharing and information dissemination, readily combining her previous experience and new knowledge to share with her clients.

Tubi believes in the abundant scientific evidence surrounding the individual, societal and global benefits of positive wellness and lifestyle choices, and in the role of wellness as an integral primary healthcare tool that empowers people to work towards their optimal self.

Last updated: 1/Dec/2018

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