Looking for an OML Therapist

  • How can I find a therapist?

Considering an OML Course

  • Can I start my training at OM2 if I am a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist or Bowen Therapist?
  • Can massage therapists do the "Oncology Massage for Beauty Therapists" course?
  • ​Can I bring an OML course to me?

Considering OM2

  • What are the OM2 assessments?
  • How much time do I have to finalise my OM2 assessments AFTER the course is completed?

Considering OM3 & OM4

  • Am I ready for OM3 & OM4?
  • How much practical experience do I need before OM3 & OM4?
  • When will the next OM3 & OM4 courses be delivered?

I'm from New Zealand

  • What's the story?

Marketing my Services

  • When can I advertise as an Oncology Massage Therapist?
  • Is Oncology Massage a voluntary service or can it form a part of my income base?
  • Can I write Remedial Massage on the invoice/receipt when I am performing an Oncology Massage?
  • Can OML help me to market to medical professionals & cancer support groups?
  • How many CPE (CEP, CEU) points if I graduate from an OML program?

National Therapist Listings

  • Do organisations ask OML for information about Oncology Massage Therapists in their area?
  • How do I apply for registration on the National Massage Therapist Listing?
  • How do I apply for registration on the National Beauty Therapist Listing?
  • How do I update my listing details?

OML Products & Preferred Suppliers

  • How do I order product?
  • Why do we have to use Melrose Almond Oil?
  • Where can I buy Melrose Almond Oil?


  • Does OML offer an Early Bird discount?
  • Does OML accept payments by installment?
  • When will I get a receipt?
  • What about insurance?

More information

  • Is OML on Facebook?
  • What happens if my question is not answered above?

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