Can I write Remedial Massage on the invoice/receipt when I am performing an Oncology Massage?

(Posted 26/Jun/2018)

Yes.  Any therapist who has remedial massage qualifications and oncology massage qualifications can write Remedial Massage on the invoice/receipt thus allowing their clients to claim a deduction from most private health funds.

As an Oncology Massage Therapist, you are performing a Remedial Massage adapted to the needs of the client.  There are at least 3 core units of competency in the current Diploma of Remedial Massage Qualification Release 2 (HLT52015) listed below that develop your ability to adapt your massage techniques so that they are suitable to the clients’ needs:

The needs of a client with a diagnosis or history of cancer falls into this category.

With thanks to Amy Tyler, Christine Lambrechts, Atholl Reid, and the Medibank website.

How can I contact/find a therapist? 

(Updated on 26/Jun/2018)

OML maintains a database of over 500 therapists who have completed at least one of our courses. Please click here to find one in your area who has achieved at least OM2 status, has registered on our National Massage Therapist Listing, and is therefore apprpriately qualified to practice as an Oncology Massage Therapist.

How can I get an OML course in my area?

OML’s goal is to train as many therapists as possible, so that people with cancer, in treatment for cancer or a history of cancer in Australia and world wide can get access this fantastic therapy, no matter where they live. We have a team of facilitators who are willing to travel to you and run an OM1 course in your area if you can fulfil the following requirements

  • Participants - a minimum of 6

  • Venue - at no cost or low cost to OML - must have access to a kitchenette and toilets - room for up to 12 massage tables

  • Audiovisual requirements - must have a whiteboard - most audiovisuals can be presented on a laptop - a DVD player and/or a digital projector would be ideal

  • Refreshments - morning and afternoon teas must be provided for all three days

  • Accomodation - our facilitators prefer to be billeted (with own room and shared bathroom), or we would ask you to assist us in locating appropriate accomodation (OML pays for this)

  • Transport - OML pays for the facilitator to get to you but we may ask that you assist with any pick-ups or drop-offs if required.

If you would like to run a course in your area and you think you may be able to meet the requirements, please contact us to get started.



Can I start my training at OM2 if I am a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist or Bowen Therapist?

No. Everyone begins their Oncology Massage Training in the first of our Foundation Modules (OM1) regardless of existing qualifications. This is due to the specialised nature of Oncology Massage.  We give you seven new techniques over the course of our Foundation Training (OM1 and OM2) and five of those are taught in OM1.  OM1 also includes course material that is required for OM2.  Finally, you will enjoy the start of a supportive and collegial relationship that moves forward into OM2 and beyond.  Oncology Massage Therapy is like none other, and relationships built over the time of the courses are invaluable.   If you would like to have a Facilitator contact you to discuss our training, please email us.

How can OML help me to present medical professionals or cancer support groups?

OMl has two PowerPoints that have been created to assist Oncology Massage Therapists speak with confidence to two different audiences. One is for the professional medical community, and the other for cancer support groups. Once you’ve completed this application for access to OML Powerpoint Presentations and sent it to Tania Shaw for approval, she will then email you the PowerPoints and their accompanying notes.

There is also a useful pamphlet that has been developed by our Mildura OM4 Lynne Morrison and endorsed by OML. You can also view and download the corporate OML brochure.  We recommend that you have it professionally printed to retain the quality of the presentation, or that you order professionally printed brochures from OML.

There have been several conversations on the private Facebook page with advice on contacting medical professionals. It's worth taking the time to scroll through to find them as there's some great information there.  We hope this helps, and we wish you all the best in your efforts.

Is OML on Facebook?

Yes, we are on Facebook! For advice, updates and articles go to https://www.facebook.com/OncologyMassageTraining.  Even if you are not a member you can still view the page and posts, just click on the link!

What about insurance? 

OAMPS Insurance Brokers are proud supporters of the natural therapy and complementary medicine industry. If you insure yourself through OAMPS, AND you have completed OM2, you do not require a doctor’s approval to work with Oncology patients (if there have been no prior claims). Please visit the website for more information or call Natural Therapies on 1800 222 012.

As a therapist, how many CPE (CEP, CEU) points can I earn if I successfully complete an OML program? 

The following CPE (CEP) points are awarded by the following organisations;

  • MMA have confirmed that they will award 20 points per Module
  • AMT awards 35 CEUs per day of training.  Module One and Two are eligible for 105 CEUs, Module 3 is eligible for 140 CEUs and Module 4 is eligible for 175 CEUs

  • ATMS have confirmed that they will award 24 points each for Modules One and Two, and 32 points each for Modules Three and Four on presentation of your certificate

  • BTFA have confirmed that they will award 10 points per module

  • Massage Australia have confirmed that they will award 15 points per module

  • ANTA have confirmed that they will award CPE points at their discretion (approx 1 point/hour) on presentation of your certificate of attendence

  • MAA have confirmed that they will award 10 points each for Modules One and Two if both completed within 12 months, 15 points each for Modules Three and Fours and 20 points will be awarded each for the Advanced Tutorial and Understanding Palliative Care courses.

  • Massage NZ offer 30 points each for OM1 and OM2.

I'm from New Zealand.  What's the story?

Based on demand, OML runs courses in New Zealand.  In Jun-Jul/2018, we are running an OM1 and an OM2 Course at DoveHouse in Auckland.  Please email Kylie Higgins if you have any questions - and keep an eye on the course schedule.


OML is an Affiliate Member of Massage NZ (see below), and they offer 30 CPE points each for OM1 and OM2.  If you are part of a different massage or complementary therapies association in New Zealand, please email Kylie Higgins so that we can add relevant information to this page.

When can I advertise as an Oncology Massage Therapist? 

You may advertise as an Oncology Massage Therapist after you grduate from OM2 or OMFP.

Do organisations ask OML for information about Oncology Massage Therapists in their area?

Yes.  Hospices, hospitals, and clinics regularly approach OML about sourcing Oncology Massage Therapists.  In 2012, OML set up a National Therapist Listing. This listing now numbers around 200 and is regularly accessed by the Cancer Council, the Breast Cancer Network Australia, the Olivia Newton John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, PeterMac, the Gawler Foundation, Quest For Life and Chris O'Brien's Lifehouse to name a few. In 2017, COSA (Clinical Oncology Society of Australia) added OML to their practitioner referral list.

How do I apply for registration on the National Massage Therapist or Beauty Therapist Listing? 

Once you become a student of Oncology Massage Limited, you are automatically placed on our communications database, unless you request otherwise.

All graduates of OM2 or OMFP will be eligible to apply for registration on the National Massage Therapist Listing which can be accessed via this website.

All graduates of OMBT will be eligible to apply for registration on the National Beauty Therapist Listing which can be accessed via this website.

Is Oncology Massage a voluntary service or can it form a part of my income base?

Qualified Oncology Massage therapists are highly specialised massage therapists. At OML, we believe that qualified Oncology Massage Therapists should be remunerated for providing this specialised therapy, in the same way as they are for any other massage services.  Some therapists offer volunteer hours to cancer support groups to improve and broaden their experience with cancer clients, and some are lucky enough to be able to finance volunteer hours on a more regular basis. We support volunteering, but believe that everyone has a right to earn a living.  For further information, please read this.

How do I order product? 

OML sells items in the Webshop that will expand your knowledge, help prepare you for our courses, or generally enhance your practice. To order them, you just need to send us the details through the Contact Us page, and make payment into our account.  A receipt will be send out with the items. Any profits from the sale of these items help fund OML and to keep course costs as low as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot sell the required pre-course reading text books.

Why do we have to use Melrose Almond Oil? 

We have a general rule of thumb with OM body work and that is: if you can’t eat it or drink it then don’t put it on your skin! You may remember from your studies that our skin is our largest organ which absorbs as well as excretes, doing a magnificent job of protecting our inner body from the pollutants that circulate freely now on the planet. When we work with clients who have bodies and immune systems already compromised from the treatment of cancer then we like to do our best for them by not exposing them to more biological strain. H2 Superfine oils are keenly promoted in the massage industry and once on the skin are absorbed, processed in the liver and excreted via the kidneys.

  • Rapidly absorbed into the skin.

  • Low in odour.

  • Excellent carrier for essential oil blends.

  • Safe for those with nut allergies as it's a seed from the Drupe family, and not a nut. However, it is recommended that those living with nut allergies do a skin test prior to their massage.

  • It has a PH of between 4-5 and is close to the skin's ideal PH of 5-5.5. Aids in protection from bacteria and fungus by keeping the skin close to its PH.

  • Ingestible.

Did you know? The H2 Superfine oil has Laureth-3 (surfactant/emulsifier) in it which is a synthetic compound obtained by extensive chemical modification of lauric acid, a natural fatty acid, and oxirane (ethylene oxide), and is also included in: Dishwashing Powder, Fabric softener, Laundry and Surface care.

Where can I buy Melrose Almond Oil? 

You can order this product online at Melrose Health or click here for a list of distributers for each state.

We know that in New Zealand you are having some difficulties obtaining Melrose Sweet Almond Oil. OML has had discussions with Tui Balms and we are happy for students to use Tui Balms "Tui Coconut & Aloe Vera Massage Butter". This is the only Tui Balms product we will accept on OML training courses. There are many more in their product range however, due to volunteer sensitivities, OML has only authorised Melrose Sweet Almond Oil and Tui Coconut & Aloe Vera Massage Butter for use on our training programs.

What are the OM2 assessments? 

Before enrolling in OM2, please ensure that you have been able to adequately practice the techniques demonstrated in OM1.  We recommend at least 8 weeks. Colleagues, family or friends may act as suitable clients to practice on, so that when you work with folk experiencing cancer you will feel more confident and you will ensure the best outcomes for OM2. 

The online open book exam is based on the final patho-physiology exam you did in your massage training. It is a pre-requisite of the course and if you do not achieve the pass mark on your first attempt, you will then have the opportunity to rewrite your incorrect answers before you bringing your exam results to OM2. Please do not let any fear of exams deter you from undertaking this course of study!

The practical assessment will take place with a volunteer cancer client on Day Three of OM2. This assessment requires you to take a full medical history, create a treatment plan and then demonstrate the relevant OM techniques.  Any participants that require reassessment will be provide with a course transcript, for CPE purposes only, and the certificate will be sent out once a participant has passed the required reassessment/s.

How much time do I have to finalise my OM2 assessments AFTER the course is completed?

Online Exam Resubmissions – These must be presented to the facilitator by COB on Day Two of the course. If exam resubmission are not able to be marked before the end of the program, then a deadline of no more than 4 weeks from the end of the program is set. Each resubmission after the 4-week deadline will attract a $20 fee, which is payable to the marking facilitator.

Hands-on Prac Reassessments – Prac reassessments need to be arranged and completed within 6 weeks of the course completion. These already attract a fee, which is the re-assessing facilitator's practice hourly rate. If the reassessment is not completed within this time frame, the student may be requested to repeat OM2 as a refresher student.  Prac reassessments are NOT a teaching environment. If you require further tuition after OM2 has finished, this can be arranged with your nearest facilitator at their practice hourly rate.

How much practical experience do I need before I can be considered for OM3 and OM4?

OML would generally like to see a minimum 6-12 months of hands-on full-time experience with at least 30 cancer clients before we would consider OM3 and OM4 applications . Acceptance onto the in-hospital program is also dependent on the practitioner's performance in the OM2 assessments and their course participation. OM3 and OM4 is rigorous and can be confronting, pushing therapists out of their comfort zone in an environment that they are often not familiar with, so experience and confidence in your oncology massage skills is essential before undertaking this training.

Can massage therapists do the "Oncology Massage for Beauty Therapists" course?

Absolutely! Although this course is aimed at those working in the beauty and spa industry, we welcome massage therapists on this course as well. It's a fantastic way to refresh your Module One information and learn the new head, neck and shoulder technique. However, if you are keen to qualify as an Oncology Massage Therapist and join the National Therapist Listing and S4OM, you need to successfully complete OM2.  Click here to learn more about Oncology Massage for Beauty Therapists.

Does OML offer an Early Bird discount? 

In some cases. The standard OM1 price is $900 (including GST), but you can save $75 by paying in full one full month in advance of the course date.  OM2 is priced at $950 (including GST) and you can save $75 by paying in full one month in advance of the course start date.  If the OM1 or OM2 course is scheduled to start on 3/Feb, payments received before 4/Jan will attract an early bird discount.

Does OML accept payments by instalment? 

Yes. A (non-refundable) deposit of $50 is enough to hold your spot on the course. Payment in full must be made no less than 2 weeks prior to the course commencement date. However, if course numbers are growing rapidly (we can only accept a maximum of 12 on each course) we may request that payment be finalised earlier.

When will I get a receipt? 

A receipt will be sent to you via email once payment in full has been received. If you are paying in installments, then each payment will be acknowledged by an email so that you know we have received it.

What happens if my question is not answered above?

If you have questions that are not answered above, please contact us and we will endeavour to answer your question privately, and/or post an answer on this page


Last Updated  13/Oct/2018


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